For law firms looking to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace, Intapp provides software and services designed to address top strategic objectives, including meeting client compliance requirements, managing risk, increasing profitability, reducing operational costs and improving business process efficiency.


Intapp Time integrates the industry's most adopted, most sophisticated time entry software (DTE Axiom) and automated activity capture software (Time Builder) to deliver a single, unified experience. It's called 360° Time Management because it extends across devices (so desktop timers are immediately accessible on mobile devices) and addresses critical elements of the work-to-bill lifecycle previously inaccessible to lawyers, such as real-time e-billing validationg and compliance checking at the point of entry.

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Intapp Open is a true new business intake application. Instead of providing firms with complicated tools that require expensive, time consuming implementation projects (and professional services bills that never seem to end), Intapp offers a fresh approach that’s designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of firm management, lawyers, risk staff and IT stakeholders.

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Wall Builder automates information security to address professional rules and client requirements. It replaces distributed, ad hoc approaches to confidentiality with a single interface that enables organizations to centrally control, monitor and report on the entire confidentiality lifecycle. Wall Builder is the industry’s most-adopted information barriers product, tested and proven across a diverse range of real-world environments.

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product activitytracker

Activity Tracker enables firms to focus on identifying abnormal activity affecting the most sensitive matters and client data. It grants firms visibility into overall data patterns and user behavior, laying the foundation for a focused and comprehensive security initiative in the future.

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Integration Builder provides a simple, straightforward way to connect and manage software applications. It enables organizations to streamline IT architecture, implement master data management frameworks and automate a variety of critical business processes. To speed project execution, Intapp offers pre-built templates for connecting a variety of applications, access to a collaborative peer community and an extensive roster of certified third-party consultants.

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Intapp RollCall enables firms to track and process employee time electronically. Offering an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, RollCall automates time sheet management, enabling staff to view attendance balances without a supervisor's assistance. The net result is fewer errors, less time spent on overhead and improved firm and staff efficiency.

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