Prompt and comprehensive time entry is critical to client service and profitability. Yet, over the past two decades, little has changed in the time entry software arena. Today, a growing number of timekeepers, well accustomed to a consumer-grade software experience, are demanding better time recording tools that are easier to use, responsive and always accessible.

Legacy time recording products are no longer up to the task. And while new tools are emerging (and several vendors are re-tooling legacy options), only one solution provides the user experience, automated activity capture, real-time compliance, information security and data management capabilities that can meet the stringent expectations of end users, IT, finance teams and firm management – Intapp Time.


The Intapp Advantage – Proven Track Record, Unmatched Technology

Intapp Time has been chosen by over 150,000 users across more than firms. It's the most adopted time product across both the AmLaw 200 and UK 200. These firms chose a modern approach to time management, taking advantage of unique capabilities only available from Intapp.

Intapp Time integrates the industry's most adopted, most sophisticated time entry software and automated activity capture software to deliver a single, unified experience. It's called 360° Time Management because it extends across devices (so desktop timers are immediately accessible on mobile devices) and addresses critical elements of the work-to-bill lifecycle previously inaccessible to timekeepers, such as real-time e-billing validation and client guideline compliance checking at the point of entry.


The Intapp Vision – 360° Time Management

By providing a 360° approach to time management, Intapp Time enables firms to address every aspect of time recording with one easy-to-use product, offering:

  • time tablet
    Cross-Device Synchronization
     – Intapp Time ensures that timekeepers always have immediate access to their information, updating in real time across all their devices. For instance, desktop timers are immediately accessible on mobile devices and time entries created on the go are instantly available for an assistant to review on their desktop.

  • time capture diagramAutomated, Intelligent Time Capture
    – Intapp delivers the industry's most advanced capture technology to embed activity data directly within the time recording workflow. Rather than starting with a blank screen, users can create time entries from a list of captured activities, generated by monitoring key applications they use throughout the day (document creation, email, calendar, phone, mobile devices). Most importantly, Intapp Time assigns durations and client codes automatically, so users can simply drag and drop the activity to create a complete, accurate time entry.

  • time compliance
    Real-Time Compliance
    – Intapp Time provides point-of-entry compliance with billing guidelines (sourced locally or from eBillingHub) and outside counsel guidelines, giving timekeepers instant feedback that allows them to correct errors on the spot, as well as enforcement of information barriers and phase/task activity code requirements.

    The net result is accelerated bill generation, fewer write-downs, and a reduction of ethical risk.

  • time analytics
    Actionable Analytics
    – To stay competitive and better serve their clients, firms need a better understanding of how lawyers and professionals spend their Time. Intapp Time enhances business intelligence by exposing time data before bill generation (where most firms typically analyze their time data), allowing firms to get a clear picture of the true work that goes into a matter or engagement.

    This data can help inform firm pricing strategies, budgets and staffing requirements, as well as identify time recording problem areas, enabling firms to create targeted incentives and training programs to improve time hygiene.