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Efficiently taking on new clients and matters or engagements is critical to the success of professional services firms. Today, a number of market trends are putting new pressures on firms to transform the way they evaluate and engage new business:

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    Clients are increasing customer service expectations and demand a swift response to more stringent pricing requirements, terms of engagement and outside counsel guidelines.

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    Firms are looking to increase the sophistication and agility of intake and conflicts processes to better align client selection with overall business strategy, service models and internal policies.

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    Risks are proliferating, driven not only by professional standards and client mandates and complex conflicts challenges, but also by evolving regulatory rules that increasingly extend compliance requirements to professional services firms that have access to sensitive information.


Intake & Conflicts Management Must Evolve

Remaining competitive in this challenging environment requires a simplified, refined and innovative approach to new business inception. This innovation must address not only how intake processes are designed and executed, but also how they are updated and adapted over time in response to changing needs, how individuals interact with the software used to administer them, and how the entire system enables management of the complete client engagement and matter lifecycle. In short, inception must evolve.

To successfully address the strategic needs of the firm (and, by extension, its clients), this evolution must enable more efficient, flexible and information-driven business acceptance procedures. And, more importantly, it must also address the operational needs of lawyers and professionals, risk staff, marketing and IT — stakeholders whose participation, input and satisfaction are critical to the process.


The Intapp Open Advantage – A Fresh Approach

Intapp Open is a true new business intake application. Instead of providing firms with complicated tools that require expensive, time consuming implementation projects (and professional services bills that never seem to end), Intapp offers a fresh approach that’s designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of firm management, lawyers and professionals, risk staff and IT stakeholders.

Intapp Open is the result of a multi-year R&D initiative that included input from an advisory group comprising law firms, insurance providers and other risk management experts.This collaboration resulted in the development of unique features, including a flexible business rules engine that enables effective management of practice-specific matter/engagement evaluation procedures as well as conflicts clearance practices that may be centralized, distributed among professionals and practice heads, or both, depending on firm preferences.

The product also includes an integrated question library that provides visibility into the practices, standards and insights developed by industry peers. And it delivers unique value for IT, with an architecture that simplifies change management, data integration and system automation.

For organizations looking to address custom processes, Intapp offers a general workflow product, Flow, which integrates with Intapp Open and supports the creation and management of additional business workflows and processes, all leveraging on a standardized, modern platform.

Learn more about Intapp Open's product philosophy and features, understand why firms are choosing to partner with Intapp to keep them agile and competitive, and then contact Intapp to explore your specific priorities and objectives.