Conflicts / Intake Manager

Inciting Inception Immediately

You play an essential role in enabling the fundamental business of the firm – taking on new clients and bringing on new lawyers. Your success depends on consistently executing a complex (and often variable) course of research, review and resolution – quickly, without error or oversight. This requires attention to detail, strong analytical skills, prudent judgment and capable communication skills.

  • You face any number of challenges, including:
    • Effectively interfacing across multiple software systems and data repositories to conduct conflicts checks, credit reviews and other due diligence
    • Identifying and coordinating internal resolution of potential client risk issues or contravention of firm policies
    • Working with relationship owners to obtain client waivers and other required compliance documentation
    • Managing screening/information barrier memoranda lifecycle – research, drafting, distribution, acknowledgment tracking and compliance reporting
    • Cataloging and communicating specific client engagement and terms of business requirements to affected internal stakeholders
    • Generating reports and defensible audit trails documenting intake activity history

    To best serve the business, you must also strive to refine internal processes, improve internal systems, and streamline practices to deliver greater responsiveness to lawyers and management, without sacrificing thoroughness or increasing risk.

  • Intapp supports intake and conflicts managers by providing information, resources and tools that help address the key information and process management challenges they face.

    Key Intapp benefits for conflicts and intake managers:

    • Peer Community – Intapp fosters professional support via programs like the Risk Roundtable and Compliance Consortium, which provide a forum for peers to exchange optimal practices, ask questions and refine their own information and risk management practices.
    • Software that Automates the Overhead – Intapp provides software specifically designed to take the pain out of processes like new business intake, conflicts management, lateral hires, and confidentiality management. This includes intelligent data management, tracked internal collaboration, and automated logging and reporting for compliance tracking.

    The focus on intelligently automating and simplifying the complex and burdensome tasks facing intake and conflicts professionals is why so many stakeholders charged with the operational side of risk management praise Intapp as a vendor that truly understands their needs.