Architect / Development Manager

Conducting a Technology Symphony

You are responsible for overseeing firm IT architecture, custom software development projects and systems integration. Your success depends on executing projects that provide new resources to end users and streamline internal operations. This requires a deep understanding of existing and emerging technologies, the ability to work with a variety of systems and business processes, and strong project management skills.

  • You face any number of challenges, including:
    • Executing complex IT projects on time, on budget and on spec
    • Spearheading the development of a coherent and scalable IT architecture
    • Building custom applications or customizing packaged software to address specific firm needs (often having to work around its native limitations)
    • Supporting the deployment of new applications and the upgrade of existing software
    • Securing budget for needed systems and tools critical to accelerating IT productivity and enhancing architectural stability and scalability
    • Managing internal expectations in the midst of an expanding project list

    To be successful, you must be able to effectively deploy, manage and integrate a diverse portfolio of systems, software and information to streamline the effective execution of firm business processes and increase lawyer productivity

  • Intapp connects IT architects and development managers with unique software, best practices and a peer community of IT managers focused squarely on tackling the challenges facing this critical IT role.

    Key Intapp benefits for architects and development managers:

    • A Modern Approach to Architecture and Integration – With Intatpp Integrate and Intapp Flow, Intapp provides the industry standard platform for addressing system integration and process automation challenges with greater ease, speed and reliability than other approaches. With the Master Data Directory, Intapp enables firms to implement a legal specific data reference model that significantly enhances internal architecture, process automation and IT project execution.
    • High Quality Products Across Several Categories – All Intapp products are designed to work and work well. That means investments in functionality important to IT like standards-compliant, documented APIs, and upgrades that take minutes (instead of months). It also means a support team standing by to answer difficult questions when you ask them (not after escalating three levels up the chain).

    A specific focus on addressing the nitty-gritty problems facing architects and developers is why hundreds of these stakeholders hold a special place in their hearts for Intapp. (And why the best Intapp salespeople are your peers already working with us, whom you can see and hear from directly.)