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Global independence checks for accounting firms are becoming more rigorous, with increasing oversight from regulatory authorities. Properly managed independence processors are essential to your network-member firms’ ability to retain and attract clients. When strategically coordinated, these processes significantly improve network-wide revenue growth, profitability, and pipeline development. Explore our solution to transform your independence processes from a compliance necessity to a revenue-maximization opportunity.

Why do future profits for accounting firms depend on navigating the growing web of regulations?
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If firms don't efficiently make complex independence and conflicts decisions, they risk losing clients-or worse, their reputations.
  • Whether you can accept or continue an audit engagement is no longer a simple decision.
  • To be compliant, you need to check all potential conflicts of interest and demonstrate independence.
  • Delays or errors in conflict checks can result in compliance risk, reputation risk, lost of client, and loss of revenue.
Why is a comprehensive solution a necessity in today's global business climate?
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Independence solutions that are pieced together create more risk in this complicated regulatory landscape.
  • In many firms, conflict and independence checks are manual processes. The tedious back and forth, delays, and human error put an accounting firm’s business and reputation at risk.
  • Firms need a comprehensive solution with a 360-degree view of client and external data to maintain, review, and search for potential conflicts in an efficient, streamlined way.
How do Intapp independence and conflicts solutions solve complex independence challenges?
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These are comprehensive solutions for global and local independence checks. The solutions:
  • Provide the capability to quickly search relevant information of all member firms in an accounting network via an easy and intuitive interface, accessible from any device anywhere.
  • Integrate with enterprise business solutions (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle) and analytics partners (e.g. Bureau can Dijk, D&B).
  • Automate and standardize process for local and global teams to meet compliance regulations and client expectations.
How do the benefits extend across an entire global accounting network?
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Independence and conflicts checks are critical to acceptance and continuance processes at all levels to:
  • Proactively address conflicts and independence issues that affect business opportunities, helping individual firms as well as the accounting network plan strategic growth.
  • Decrease the cost of compliance and independence checking and reduce likelihood for fines and errors for individual firms and the global network.
  • Reduce future OpEx and CapEx with a scalable solution that improves transparency-internally and externally-with global clients and regulators.
How will individual member firms benefit from these solutions?
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Individual member firms can effectively navigate global regulatory environments and invest more time with their clients.
  • Improve customer experience and retention with an increased focus on clients and their business.
  • Streamline and automate local and global independence clearance processes with a comprehensive solution.
  • Enjoy economies of scale with a simplified solution that scales across the entire network.

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