• Ensure your engagements are a win-win with Intapp Time

    Intapp Time helps you plan and manage profitability and make every engagement more successful.

Unleash the power of your data to drive profitability

Intapp Time offers both passive and active capture features along with timekeeping prompts, ensuring that all your billable and non-billable work is accounted for and that nothing is left out. The solution saves you time by prompting suggestions for categorizations, as well as templates for recurring or similar tasks that automatically fill in narrative details.

Intapp Time ensures compliance with client billing terms at the point of time entry, as it automatically notifies users of errors, preventing noncompliant submissions from moving forward in the billing process. This reduces the risk of write-offs and speeds up realization.

Take the Guesswork Out of Timekeeping

Empower your accountants to easily and accurately track the time spent across many clients and different types of engagements throughout the work week.

Work anywhere, anytime

Enable flexibility with tracked and synced activity across a range of mobile and desktop systems, including productivity programs, phones, email, and calendars, even offline.

Ensure compliance at point of entry

Ensure compliance with client billing terms at the point of time entry. Automatically notify professionals of any errors and prevent noncompliant submissions from moving forward in the billing process.

Leverage insights to improve your work methods and processes

Enlighten professionals and engagement teams by providing insight into daily work, so they can understand critical alignment to priorities and whether there are any obstacles hindering their productivity. Work smarter, not harder.

Make Every Engagement a Win-Win

Increase realization and client satisfaction by capturing and recording the time spent on engagements more accurately, efficiently, and compliantly.

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See Intapp Time in action

Watch this on-demand presentation and demo to see how your firm can deploy an integrated approach to planning and managing profitability to meet client expectations, strengthen relationships, and deliver impactful business results.


Unique capabilities of Intapp Time

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