Thank you for your interest in Intapp's Business Acceptance Maturity Assessment. The assessment is designed to rate your current processes against Intapp's proprietary Business Acceptance Maturity Model.

Developed in conjunction with the Risk Roundtable Initiative, these resources allow firms to self-assess and rate their policies and procedures against overall industry practices and standards, which can vary based on jurisdiction and conflicts clearance models. In doing so, organizations gain greater perspective into their own practices, identifying both areas of strength and areas of potential improvement.

Short Survey

The short survey is ideal for firms interested in a quick and high level review of their business acceptance processes, to help shape their thinking about their current state and future priorities. It asks several basic questions about intake and conflicts processes, client selection and compliance, and then provides immediate feedback on how your firm's business acceptance processes rate.

This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete

Full Survey

The full-length survey is ideal for firms looking for a more extensive review. It's particularly valuable for organizations thinking about investing in additional staff, training or software. This more extensive assessment helps firms better understand all of the considerations they should keep in mind when evaluating options and approaches. A law firm risk consultant will thoroughly analyze your responses and provide feedback.

This survey will take approximately 60 minutes to complete