• Intapp Billstream

    Streamline preparation of accurate, transparent proforma invoices

Generate accurate prebills, accelerate billing, improve realization, and strengthen client relationships.

Intapp Billstream automatically creates prebills for collaborative review, solving the manual challenges across the engagement lifecycle to ensure clients receive the bills they expect

Build intelligent workflows

Increase front- and back-office collaboration by sending status and overdue notifications, while maintaining audit trails.

Ensure accuracy

Enhance visibility into financial, billing and payment terms as agreed to in the OCGs and client contracts.

Optimize collection

Improve realization, minimize leakage, and improve efficiency using streamlined prebill processes to produce timely, accurate proforma invoices. 

Bolster client satisfaction

Reduce disputes and boost compliance with client contracts throughout the planning, time recording, and prebill cycles.

See Intapp Billstream in action

Discover how you can streamline your firm’s prebill processes to help you get paid on time:

  • Improve realization
  • Accelerate collection
  • Bolster client satisfaction

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Intapp Time

Intapp Time captures activities and tracks work in real time against engagement budgets to prevent overruns and capture the true value of your engagements.

Intapp Terms

Save time and mitigate risk with a structured, AI-powered approach to terms management. Store, index, and analyze client guidelines while assuring enforcement of your firm’s obligations.

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