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Five benefits of private capital market data access in your CRM

Generic deal-focused databases largely ignore private company data. Dealmakers need a deal and relationship management platform that enables them to access private capital market data directly in their CRM. With DealCloud’s third-party data integration solution, DataCortex, dealmakers can easily access proprietary and third-party data through DealCloud data partners such as PrivCo, to turn their data into institutional knowledge. Below are just some of the ways you, as a dealmaker, can leverage private company data in DealCloud.

Source and execute deals more effectively

Access to private company data directly in the DealCloud platform has enabled firms to source and execute deals more effectively. Using data, you can conduct comprehensive due diligence on private companies and their funding rounds and finances. By having private capital market data available directly in your CRM, you can devise investment strategies more efficiently by discovering the private markets and finding untapped opportunities across diverse verticals. This opportunity allows you to act more quickly and confidently through modern data verification methods, data visualization strategies, and expert reporting and analysis.

Create business development opportunities

Nurturing existing client relationships and creating new financial services business development opportunities are as important as ever. By making private company data such as company name, contact information, and location more easily accessible, you streamline research and business development opportunities.

Deepen private market insight

DealCloud’s third-party data integration allows you to map the competitive landscape utilizing exclusive private company data. The integration of PrivCo’s industry-leading intelligence on private companies into DataCortex provides better transparency, allowing you to maintain visibility into developments in specific industries and regions while also tracking emerging trends.

Decrease administrative burden

Leveraging DataCortex, you can search and query data in real-time without ever leaving the DealCloud platform, eliminating the need to toggle back-and-forth between the DealCloud and PrivCo sites. The resulting companies, contacts, and deal information are then matched and combined with your proprietary data – creating a single cohesive record that is displayed based on your preferences. When new data is available or updates are provided to existing entries, these new data points are automatically synchronized, significantly reducing the need for manual input and helping to avoid duplicate entries.

Map the competitive landscape

Leveraging DataCortex, you can discover private companies to zero in on for acquisition targets and competitive intelligence across specific industries and verticals. By coupling DataCortex with a third-party data provider like PrivCo, you can get comprehensive private company financials – including revenue, EBITDA, and valuation – with ease. In addition, you can access actionable insights related to venture capital, M&A, and debt and equity financings, and build watchlists to further map out the landscape of potential partners, competitors, and acquisition targets.

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