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Drive real-time reporting for your commercial real estate firm

For commercial real estate firms, having access to the most up-to-date and accurate data possible is imperative for dealmakers to make real-time decisions that move the deal pipeline forward. Despite firms’ best attempts at building a single source of truth, many dealmakers continue to manage their own workflows using Microsoft Excel, leaving data trapped in individual hard drives until a manual upload can be performed.

Real estate private equity professionals need a streamlined process that removes the need for manual data entry without disrupting existing workflows. That’s why Intapp DealCloud, the comprehensive relationship and pipeline management solution built for commercial real estate firms, created the DCPush function in collaboration with the Microsoft Excel add-in.

Learn how professionals use the DCPush function to automate processes and streamline workflows for commercial real estate firms.

Streamline the integration of property KPIs and analytics

Dealmakers managing a portfolio of properties often find Microsoft Excel to be the easiest way to track and share key performance indicators (KPIs) on a property-by-property basis. Although this is a valuable way to govern and share information with external parties, internal teams typically struggle to keep pace with the many ongoing updates. Oftentimes, due to the frequent changes in property KPIs, manual updates are hardly worth the effort as they tend to be outdated as soon as they’re entered into the firm’s pipeline management system. This leaves firms with inaccurate or excluded information in their systems — a detriment to commercial real estate workflows and initiatives.

Automating these processes is the only way to ensure that a firm’s pipeline management solution has accurate, informative data for dealmakers to build a dedicated single source of truth. With DCPush, dealmakers can bypass manual processes by removing the need to perform ad hoc uploads from Microsoft Excel to DealCloud.

DCPush makes information sharing instantaneous rather than cumbersome. Users can identify relevant fields — such as KPIs, financials, and additional supporting analytics — to be integrated into their pipeline, and simply activate the DCPush function to import the data. As soon as updates are added to Microsoft Excel, they can also be deployed within DealCloud.

Institutionalize valuable KPIs

One of the downfalls of managing property KPIs exclusively within spreadsheets is the inability to institutionalize the information in a uniform, firmwide manner. What works for one property might not work for another — and although it’s important to maintain the individuality of each project, it leaves firms without consistent analytics and accessible knowledge-share.

Dealmakers who utilize DCPush to integrate their most pertinent information into DealCloud not only build transparency and encourage real-time updates; they also unlock the ability to analyze the information within a single source of truth. Then, when users open their scheduled reports and push-button tear sheets, KPIs can be included. Users can also view a property’s full history and unlock relevant, automated analytics in real time by accessing their custom property dashboards within DealCloud.