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Tis the Season for Giving: An Inside Look at DealCloud’s Holiday Campaign

For the second year in a row, DealCloud partnered with Daymaker, an online giving platform, to spread holiday cheer to children across the United States.  The wish lists of many children go unfilled each year as their families are not in a position to buy the toys many kids receive, so we held a friendly competition among teams, with a firmwide goal of 200 gifts purchased.  Within 2 weeks of launch, we surpassed our goal of 200 gifts and set a new target of 300 gifts.  By end of day December 20, we had given 313 gifts (160% of our original goal!) and impacted 230 children, well exceeding our plan.  On average, people who donated during the campaign gave 2.8 gifts each.

Daymaker partners with 50+ nonprofit organizations working in high-poverty/high-trauma communities.  The partners provide descriptions, curated wish lists, and specific needs for the children in their day-to-day.  Upon finding a story (or stories!) that resonates, each giver selected 1-4 gifts from the child’s wish list and in just a few clicks, the DealCloud employee was able to send these items and track them as they were shipped, delivered, and gifted.  All of the giving was tracked on our company’s collective page, and employees were able to see the impact of their cumulative generosity. Throughout one’s interaction on the platform, Daymaker aims to facilitate an experience that helps employees feel both the impact on self and the impact on those they helped.

This campaign was spearheaded internally by me, James Sieverding and Caroline Stutts, with the hope that this would be the catalyst for happiness and generosity that spreads to all the people we interact with in our lives.  Acts of kindness not only influence our success at work, but turning generosity into a habit has a direct positive impact on our long-term mental and physical wellbeing.  People get an emotional boost from doing kind things for others or donating money and that these acts of kindness can have a bigger return that spending it on material goods.  Helping others is also a great stress relief – allowing yourself to engage in prosocial behaviors is an important component in equipping us to handle stressful situations.  Even a small amount of generosity can have an impact on those effected and yourself!

At DealCloud we take pride in giving back to our communities and will continue to offer volunteer opportunities and donation drives throughout the year.  Every employee at DealCloud is given the opportunity to suggest a charity cause they care about, and together we can exponentially increase the impact one person could have volunteering outside of work.

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