2022 TLTF Summit showcases the power of legal tech community to solve real-world problems

Miami, Florida

The 2022 inaugural TLTF Summit, created by The LegalTech Fund, offered tremendous value to those interested in the world of legal technology. Grateful to attend this invitation-only event, Intapp enjoyed learning more about the latest legal tech innovations as well as the power of AI, and how these tools will transform the legal industry.

Speakers at the summit explained that, although AI is still fairly new, it’s having a major impact on the legal industry. New AI applications are saving lawyers from tedious tasks while helping them carry out sophisticated legal analyses. Law firms that leverage these apps can provide better, more accurate service at a faster rate than their competitors, positively impacting client service and experience.

Intapp was encouraged to learn that some of the organizations from the summit’s Startup Showcase leverage AI to support their teams and clients. These startups are dedicated to solving real-world problems that businesses and the general public face, from handling common legal processes to gaining access to justice and important legal protections. Many of the startup founders revealed that they had been affected by these issues, and, consequentially, they are extremely passionate about developing solutions to help others in similar situations.

As a company that was in the shoes of many these startups 20 years ago, Intapp introduced itself to these innovators and offered to help them as they expand their market presence. We look forward to watching these companies’ growth in the coming years, and welcome them to contact us to explore how we might partner together.

Attending the TLTF Summit is a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of legal tech innovation, and we hope to return to the TLTF Summit in 2023. Learn more about the 2023 TLTF Summit.

Written by:

Brent Bourque

Senior Director and Practice Group Leader, Operations and Finance

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