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    Seamlessly onboard new
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Intapp for Business Acceptance

Intapp employs today’s most powerful technologies – including automation, AI, and predictive analytics – to help firms accelerate client onboarding while managing risk, improving conflicts clearance, and ensuring compliance.

Firm outcomes

Accelerate acceptance

Onboard new clients and open engagements faster and with greater confidence.

Reduce risk

Evaluate business and clear conflicts with more thoroughness and consistency.

Increase realization

Capture client terms and automate compliance to reduce write-offs.

Improve client evaluation

Evaluate clients for professional, financial, and strategic risk and streamline due diligence.

Improved business acceptance helps your firm:


5 big trends changing
law firm business acceptance

The business of law is changing, and literally no corner of a large law firm operates exactly like it did several years ago. The process for evaluating and onboarding new clients in law firms is no exception. Five global legal trends are testing the limits of even the best new business acceptance models.

We’ll explore why and how these big trends are causing shifts in law firm approaches, offer insights and practical tips on what firms must do to adapt their business acceptance models, and identify specific areas where technology can help.

Lastly we offer law firms a checklist to assess the gaps in their business acceptance approach in this changing landscape.

Explore our solution: Intapp Unified Business Acceptance

Evaluating new business, onboarding clients quickly, and managing relationships across the entire client lifecycle are at the heart of Intapp Unified Business Acceptance. Discover the complete solution to ensure that you’re managing risk exposure, complying with confidentiality requirements, and enforcing client obligations.

Core products that that support business acceptance

Intapp Intake

Eliminate manual intake processes by automating workflows, assuring AML/KYC compliance, and enforcing policy execution with a rich offering of industry-approved intake questions.

Intapp Conflicts

Address ethical, business, and subject-matter conflicts confidently. Our centralized approach helps determine if prospective clients are in your firm’s best interest.

Intapp Terms

Save time and mitigate risk with Intapp’s structured, AI-powered approach to terms management. Store, index, and analyze client guidelines while assuring enforcement of your firm’s obligations.

Intapp Walls

Centrally control, monitor, and report on the entire confidentiality lifecycle. The solution’s automated approach limits access to sensitive matters across applications without impacting user productivity or convenience.

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