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Bird & Bird streamlines business acceptance process with tightened security model

Mark Mountford, Head of Business Solutions, at Bird & Bird discusses how Intapp Walls is helping this innovative firm win new business and accelerate the onboarding process by ensuring instant, efficient client and matter security.


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I’m Mark Mountford. I’m head of Business Solutions at Bird & Bird.

Securing our data is really important. We already had Intapp Walls as part of our key product set. What we’ve done with Intapp is to develop the product out further to secure at a client level and not just at a matter level. That services the requirements and needs of our firm specifically, and is really important when we’re dealing with clients, so that they know that we are securing their data to the necessary levels.

Our new streamlined process client onboarding process means that data is secured and matters are secured immediately upon the creation of that new client or matter. This is really important to us, and also important to the client, and is a really big selling point when we’re pitching to those clients to try and win new work.

We have a number of clients that have very sensitive information that they want to keep strictly confidential. Using Intapp Walls, we’re able to do highly sensitive barriers at a matter level and restrict the number of people that have access to that information.

As part of the work that has been completed with Intapp Walls, we also added the functionality for break glass. Break glass allows our lawyers to have immediate emergency access to a client or matter.

Notifications and alerts are sent to the client or matter partner so that we have a full audit trail of emergency access. Access is then revoked after 30 days. Having made an investment in Intapp Walls several years ago, it’s really good that we’re able to now leverage that product even further and get greater value out of the investment that we made in that technology.

As Walls also integrates with other products, such as onboarding, as we’re now taking that product on ourselves, it is an ideal opportunity for us to bring all those products together and get more value out of the investment that we’ve made with Intapp technology.