Dykema employs Intapp Workspaces to advance Microsoft Teams for enhanced collaboration across a multi-office law firm

Dykema, an Am-Law 200 law firm, needed to find a technology solution that met the firm’s critical matter use cases, data security, and governance requirements associated with the rollout of Microsoft Teams.

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Dykema is a leading, Am Law 200 law firm advising business entities worldwide on complex legal issues. With multiple offices across the United States, the firm is known for innovation, high work quality, and client service.

Harnessing technology to provide legal services securely and efficiently

Dykema began using Microsoft Teams for instant messaging and quickly added the meeting functionality when the need arose for a third-party technology solution to help with data management, organization, and retention. Soon after, Intapp Workspaces emerged as a great solution for the firm.

Dykema understands that technology is increasingly important to deliver modern legal services to sophisticated clients. With the firm already on the path to launching Microsoft 365, the firm saw an opportunity to replace Skype with Microsoft Teams for enhanced document collaboration and integration. However, what the firm didn’t anticipate was how that seemingly small step into Microsoft Teams would quickly turn into a complicated puzzle involving data security, document collaboration, and the technical integration of Microsoft Teams with the firm’s other technology systems.

To address these concerns and help manage the required security, organization, and governance for the firm’s data during the rollout of Microsoft Teams software, Dykema chose Intapp Workspaces. “Intapp Workspaces is a purpose-built solution made specifically for law firms, and it truly helped us meet multiple matter and collaboration needs,” said Myka Hopgood, Senior Director of Strategic Innovation at Dykema.

“Intapp understands law firms better than most. Intapp works on developing solutions that are specifically helpful to law firms. They listen to us when we tell them how we need to use a tool. They are aware of the needs surrounding risk and address them with efficiency. Intapp genuinely cares about the lawyer experience.”


A false start and early lessons

Before Dykema officially launched Microsoft 365, early technology adopters at the firm started exploring Microsoft Teams, but it quickly became clear that if Microsoft Teams was not implemented properly, a myriad of security, governance, and organizational issues surrounding data would arise, rapidly creating larger problems. The firm promptly shut down Microsoft Teams but continued to receive many requests from its attorneys to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration purposes.

Given these requests for a collaboration platform, Dykema began looking for a technology provider that could enable firmwide collaboration while helping Dykema control, organize, and retain their data. While their initial provider failed to meet the complex needs of the firm, Intapp Workspaces had the required security, organization, and governance Dykema was looking for and was purpose-built for law firms, allowing them to mitigate risk while maximizing their Microsoft investment. Myka reports, “I started looking for anything out there that would help me control the data and help to organize things well. I started looking at Intapp Workspaces, and it just looked more robust.”

Starting over with clear sightlines

Upon initial review of Microsoft Teams, there were doubts that the product would improve client service, document collaboration, and large matter management. Willing to work through these concerns, Myka began outlining goals for use cases in Microsoft Teams and identifying capabilities their new technology partner would need for the firm to move forward:

“Intapp’s team was hands on and highly responsive. They were super helpful, always informed, and quick to provide solutions.”


Meeting an aggressive timeline

Feeling like they were starting from behind, Dykema wanted to move fast. They also wanted to do things a little differently, starting a pilot with two parallel teams: an administrative team and a matter team.

Without hesitation, Intapp worked with Myka and the firm’s internal technology, information governance, and innovation groups to launch a thorough needs analysis surrounding document retention, user notifications, security requirements, version controls, and overarching organization. On the heels of the assessment, thorough testing was launched that identified some issues for which Intapp found creative resolutions.

After only a few months, it was time for implementation and training with the firm’s pilot group. Dykema was ready to go, this time with greater confidence and a strong Intapp team by their side. The deployment went so well that Dykema is looking forward to launching Intapp Time, Intapp Intake, Intapp Conflicts, and Intapp Terms to their lawyers and professional staff.

Finding value in Microsoft Teams

According to Myka, Intapp’s knowledgeable and accessible professionals took excellent care of the firm during the entire initiative. Some of the most valuable outcomes from the collaboration with Intapp include the following:

  • Seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams with NetDocuments while maintaining NetDocuments’ versioning capability within Microsoft Teams, a critical capability for document-heavy law firm use
  • Collaborating on and co-authoring complex documents, checked-out from NetDocuments, in Microsoft Teams, enabling lawyers to update documents more efficiently and accurately
  • Leveraging the power of Microsoft OneNote within teams to share outlines, thoughts, and timelines with distributed team members
  • Confidently collaborating in Microsoft Teams with clients
  • Enabling Dykema’s associates to engage in professional development that enhances their technical skills
  • Enabling practice group leaders to employ Microsoft Teams as a collaboration and communication solution across their specific practice areas (for example, by using the relevant tab within the environmental law practice group team to share environmental law regulatory updates)

Executive Summary

Prior Challenges

  • To provide the best possible legal product in the ways that their clients expect, Dykema needed to encourage sharing and collaboration outside of outdated email methods.
  • Dykema needed to retain and protect important information and provide an easy way to identify, use, and archive data securely.
  • Dykema wanted their technology to interact in organized, efficient, and secure ways.

Results with Intapp

  • Easy access to organized data: Elegant product design delivers fast access and secure collaboration.
  • Retain important document management functionality: A clean integration between Microsoft Teams and NetDocuments that maintains NetDocuments’ versioning capability.
  • Secure methods for collaboration: As a purpose-built solution made specifically for law firms, Intapp Workspaces meets multiple matter and collaboration needs seamlessly.