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    Microsoft 365 Driven Project Management

Deliver more productive, profitable projects through unified document management and collaboration experiences within Microsoft 365 with Intapp Collaboration & Content.

Intapp builds upon Microsoft 365 to deliver a unified document management and collaboration experience for each project that’s tailored to the unique needs of each line of business. With information for each project automatically organized and easily accessible for the right people across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook, consulting firms can boost productivity, increase client satisfaction, and improve their bottom line.

Unify engagement management within Microsoft 365

Securely connect, organize, and simplify access to the documents and information project teams need within Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook

Improve knowledge-sharing and decision-making

Add consistent structure for collaboration and document management to Microsoft 365, so project teams always know where to find up-to-date information when making critical decisions

Grow engagement profitability and scale your firm

Streamline collaboration and document management, so project teams reduce the hours spent searching for project-related information, and subsequently increase project efficiency and profitability


See how Intapp Workspaces helps deliver more productive, profitable projects

Intapp Workspaces — part of the Intapp Collaboration & Content suite — helps consulting firms create tailored, unified collaboration experiences within Microsoft Teams. With Intapp Workspaces, firms can provide their professionals with project-specific hubs that connect documents and relevant information from across Microsoft 365 and other firm systems, so project teams can work better together.

Watch this short demo to see how you can enable streamlined collaboration within Microsoft Teams.


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