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    Streamline client collaboration and content management to help firms work smarter.

Intapp Collaboration & Content helps firms deliver intelligent client-centric collaboration, seamless content governance, and innovative client experiences by combining the power of Intapp and Microsoft 365.

Boost firmwide team collaboration with intelligent workspaces that make the most of Microsoft Teams, orchestrate document management across all your content sources for full lifecycle visibility and collaboration, and transform the client experience with secure, personalized external collaboration.

Simplify fee-earner collaboration

Enabling collaboration at beginning of a new engagement can be a tedious process that involves setting up workspaces with proper client- and engagement-specific constructs, identifying and inviting all members of the engagement team, ensuring proper access control, and completing other critical but time-consuming tasks. Firms need a frictionless process that lets fee earners bypass administrative tasks and start working.

Intapp Collaboration & Content autoprovisions Microsoft Teams workspaces with perfectly preconfigured, engagement-specific templates that include content linkages, folder structure, collaborators, and other key attributes. The entire distributed engagement team can virtually meet and collaborate in a dedicated, access-controlled workspace from the instant the engagement opens.

Provide a unified engagement overview

Users gravitate to applications like Microsoft Teams that support the ways they like to work. But many firms encounter friction when they deploy generic applications that lock away information in various siloed systems, disjointed from where users actually do their work — preventing cross-application insights and context from. Most of the time, professionals don’t even know how and where to find the information they need to successfully perform the task at hand.

Intapp Collaboration & Content turns Microsoft Teams into your firm’s virtual headquarters, powering engagement-centric workspaces that brings in-context client and engagement data to other firm systems. A wide array of data — budget information and client requirements from intake systems, client documents from the document management system, contact information from customer relationship management systems — becomes accessible right from within Microsoft Teams. Intapp Collaboration & Content also integrates with the wider Microsoft 365 stack, including Microsoft Planner for task management, Microsoft Power Automate for workflow, and Microsoft Power BI for advanced reporting and analytics.

Contain sprawl and protect sensitive data

Professional services firms work on a high volume of active, concurrent projects and engagements, each with its own Microsoft Teams workspace. IT and other administrators struggle to manage Microsoft Teams sprawl and data security as these projects and engagements launch, evolve, and conclude across their lifecycles.

Intapp Collaboration & Content ensures that Microsoft Teams workspaces and Microsoft SharePoint document repositories are archived or deleted at the appropriate time, using highly structured classification capabilities and automated rules-based lifecycle management. The solution also encourages professionals to actively engage in workspace lifecycle management by issuing automated reminders when repositories become inactive. To mitigate data-sharing risks, Intapp Collaboration & Content can provide powerful information policies through Intapp Walls, enabling access controls and permissions to support client mandates and compliance requirements.

Orchestrate content across all firm sources

Throughout the client-engagement lifecycle, professional services firms store and manage large quantities of important client data in various systems: intake, financial, practice management, and document management. A system focused on client and engagement collaboration must connect to — and respect — the firm’s systems of record.

Intapp Collaboration & Content facilitates knowledge capture by linking content and folder structures across systems, and bolster compliance by automatically filing emails and attachments to Microsoft SharePoint and other key systems.

Products and packages

Intapp Documents

Deploy engagement-centric document management and email filing capabilities built on Microsoft 365.

Intapp Workspaces

Boost firmwide team collaboration with intelligent workspaces that make the most of Microsoft Teams.

Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal

Transform the way your in-house legal teams work and streamline corporate legal matter management.

Strategic Partnership: Intapp + Microsoft

Intapp and Microsoft have partnered to transform the professional and financial services industry with modern workplace solutions that support innovation and digital transformation

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