Intapp provides software products and services that enable professional services firms to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace by improving client service, increasing profitability, and reducing operational costs. Intapp's three practice groups (Revenue, Risk and Integration) focus on understanding existing pressures and emerging trends, and translate this knowledge into products and best practices.

Intapp products allow firms to effectively align business operations with business strategy, and are recognized as the most advanced in their respective categories — time entry and recording, application integration, information security, new business intake, conflicts management, and independence.

Serving more than 650 customers, including 91% of the Am Law 100, 90% of the Global 100 and three of the Accounting Top 20, Intapp has cultivated an unparalleled record of customer success and collaborative partner relationships. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with business operations in New York, Atlanta, London, and Sydney, Intapp offers a unique combination of industry expertise, technical innovation, consumer-friendly design and customer-focused business philosophy.

An acknowledged industry leader, Intapp traces its success to three key principles:

  • company gavelToday, it’s not enough to provide customers with technology building blocks. Intapp works to address the specific business challenges facing its customers and to offer more than software. Three dedicated practice groups (Risk, Revenue and Integration) focus on understanding existing pressures and emerging trends, and translate this knowledge into products and best practices. Intapp team members are domain experts who serve as trusted advisors to customers on a variety of business and technology issues.

  • company siliconThere’s something special about Silicon Valley. And it’s not just the ability to draw on engineering talent from the highest concentration of high tech workers in the world. It’s an attitude and approach that says: “We can do better than the status quo.” At Intapp, this manifests as a mission to deliver enterprise-grade products with attractive, intuitive, consumer-friendly design. Because the most powerful software in the world does no one any good if it isn’t being used. (And if it isn’t delighting the people who use it.)

  • company handsIntapp is committed to serving customers in a way that puts their needs first. This means shunning “old world” vendor antics like confusing licensing models or services approaches that always seem to grow scope to consume customer budgets along the way… Instead, Intapp offers a recurring license model that incentivizes exceptional support and ongoing innovation, and a collaborative professional services model focused on executing projects effectively.

These customer-first principles are why most clients make the decision to license multiple Intapp products. And it’s why prospective customers are always encouraged to talk to peer references – to put these claims to the test and hear firsthand what it’s like to work with Intapp.