Practice Groups

Customers regularly cite Intapp’s practice group orientation as a key reason why they chose to work with us. At Intapp, practice groups are focused not only on building great products, but also on understanding the “why” behind the need for specific features and capabilities.

Practice teams are staffed by subject matter experts, who synthesize information from a variety of stakeholders including customers, potential customers, industry partners, standards bodies, and external authorities. In addition to consulting directly with customers one-on-one, Intapp staff also host programs like the Risk Roundtable Initiative and Compliance Consortium, as well as educational webinars on a variety of topics.

And the industry takes notice – Intapp staff are regularly invited to write articles for industry publications and present at conferences internationally on a variety of topics.

Not all Intapp customers participate in these programs, but all benefit from the input of their peers, which influences Intapp’s product strategy.

This big picture approach leads to software and services that provide the best response to today’s challenges, while at the same time preparing organizations to respond to trends just starting to take shape on the horizon.

  • practicegroup riskRisk Practice
    Danger, jeopardy, threat, peril – risk is about what can go wrong, particularly unexpectedly. Intapp’s risk practice focuses on the role technology plays in creating and controlling information risk. It takes a holistic approach, rooted in understanding business drivers, and channeling that knowledge into products and services.

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  • practicegroup revenueRevenue Practice
    Today, increasing revenue and profitability is top of mind. Intapp’s revenue practice focuses on the role technology plays in driving financial performance. It works with organizations to respond to business challenges including time recording, project management, alternative fee arrangements, and business intelligence.

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  • practicegroup integrationIntegration Practice
    Information is the currency of the modern business. Intapp’s integration practice focuses on improving IT architecture, data governance and business process execution. It works to provide users with the timely and accurate information they need to be most productive, and to enable IT to be accelerate critical projects.

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