• Senior business leaders and professionals

    Fostering cross-practice and cross-functional collaboration to drive the strategic agenda

To deliver on strategic goals and drive profitable firm growth, it takes skillful, coordinated, and collective firm-wide effort — as well as successful oversight of the daily activities of partners, professionals, and business operations. We partner with senior firm leaders like you to tackle the challenges of managing multiple internal and external stakeholders — each with their own priorities — to drive continued success for your firm and clients.

Addressing your top challenges

Strategy execution is often impeded by the absence of a formal operating plan to hold individuals accountable and drive the effective coordination of teams and programs across the business.

Existing business models and supporting technologies don’t deliver the data-driven insights you need to deliver key cross-functional business demands, leading to:

  • Slow recognition of changing client needs that hinders your ability to execute your lateral hire strategy in the biggest areas of opportunity
  • Poor visibility of experience, skills, and expertise across the fee-earning community that causes talent-retention challenges and a mismatch of legal and business acumen to your firm strategy
  • Fragmented client data that leads to fragmented account planning, limited strategic engagement, and the pursuit of tactical opportunities, resulting in lost revenue opportunities

Clients are continuing to globalize and are imposing more sophisticated technological, regulatory, economic, and environmental demands that require a truly connected firm to solve — one whose professionals are not only experts in their particular domain, but who collaborate with others throughout the firm, and often around the world, to solve multifaceted problems.

Business services functions aren’t aligned to best enable the broader business strategy, while partners, lawyers, and fee earners all have different priorities.

How Intapp Strategic Consulting can help you

Operating plan design

Map out a clear pathway to operationalizing the business strategy

Successful strategy execution depends on a cohesive and coordinated effort from cross-functional teams. We partner with senior leaders to build a pragmatic operating plan that focuses on the right priorities across industries, practice groups, and geographies, with individual accountabilities identified to drive execution.

Strategic business intelligence and analytics

Uncover key insights to help management drive and execute the strategic plan more effectively

Arming your management committee with enriched, real-time business intelligence will help them sharpen their focus on the right areas for executing and tracking against the strategic plan. We’ll collaboratively design management dashboards that combine your proprietary firm data with external market intelligence to facilitate strategic decision-making.

Client Matter Lifecycle Review

Make the client experience seamless — no matter the complexity of your internal functions

Our Client Matter Lifecycle Review helps firms optimize execution and enhance client experience across the client-matter lifecycle areas — client development, business acceptance, and client delivery — facilitated by your firm’s internal functions and underlying capabilities. We conduct cross-team assessments across processes, policies, technology, and data to identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities to apply best practices to unlock hidden value and drive enhanced effectiveness.

Business Services Operating Model Assessment

Build the coordinated, high-performing business-services support network your partners, lawyers, and fee earners need to succeed

Business services has a bigger role to play in strategy execution by transforming the way partners, lawyers, and fee earners engage and interact with clients. We assess the current operating model — including processes, organization structures, people, skills, data, and governance — of your business-services functions to determine how they can better support the firm.

Brainstorming innovative technology and data-driven business scenarios

Unlock the potential of your technology and data to bring the full power of your firm to every client interaction

It takes the right blend of technology and data to help your partners, lawyers, and fee earners strengthen collaboration and drive client success and firm growth. We work with our clients to design key cross-functional use cases that help them better orchestrate client matter lifecycle activities through actionable, data-driven insights.

Partner and client experience enhancement

Create a truly differentiated experience for your partners, leaders, and clients

Competing more effectively and driving improved client outcomes requires a deep understanding of the day-to-day activities and interactions across your business. Our team specializes in engaging with your people and clients to build a roadmap of improvement opportunities across the various facets of their day-to-day work and experiences.