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    Preparing financial services firms for modernization

To successfully support activities of senior leaders, professionals, and business operations teams to deliver strategic goals and drive profitable firm growth, you need coordinated and collective effort across processes, technology, data, and people.

Intapp Strategic Consulting collaborates with senior firm leaders like you to modernize your firm, stay competitive, and better differentiate your services to clients. Contact Intapp Strategic Consulting to get started.

Market themes

In today’s highly competitive landscape, financial services firms are increasingly aligning their business models with their core capabilities and differentiators, abandoning the “everything to everyone” ideal. To enable and support this change, firms must also refine and simplify operating models.

When it comes to managing innovation effectively, the financial services industry ranks well below other industries. A lack of capital and financial investment when promoting innovation, coupled with a reluctance to change legacy tools and ways of working, remain the most prevalent barriers to modernization.

Although firms widely accept data and analytics capabilities as a top priority, a majority aren’t making the investment. With the right technology and talent, you can transform information into insights, creating a distinct competitive advantage.

Our offerings

Deal management lifecycle assessment

This review helps your firm identify your current-state operational gaps and challenges across processes, technology, data, and people during the various stages of a deal. It also highlights opportunities to address those gaps and challenges, and identifies the changes you need to make to achieve greater operational efficiency and effectiveness in line with your strategic objectives.

Digital transformation

With the acceleration of remote work and changing market demands, firms are being forced to reimagine the role of technology — especially in how it supports the execution of the business strategy. Intapp Strategic Consulting collaborates with you to develop a roadmap that highlights your overall journey and the major activities that can transform your current operational environment.

Change management and adoption

A successful and sustained transition to new technology requires a well-defined approach to change management. Intapp Strategic Consulting provides a transformation-readiness program to help you develop an adoption strategy that will support the ways your firm’s users will work and interact with the new technology.

Program governance and oversight

Large, complex software implementations require a comprehensive approach to program management, governance, and stakeholder engagement. Your approach must serve as a central point of coordination to ensure delivery deadlines are met, stakeholders are effectively managed, all parties are held to account, and issues and risks are appropriately addressed.

Case for change development

Operating your business using outdated technology and systems may save costs in the short run, but will ultimately limit your firm’s ability to win deals and grow revenue. Performing a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the benefits and costs associated with transformational change can help you quantify real business benefits and value to justify your investment in a fit-for-purpose platform like DealCloud.