• IT, innovation, and digital leaders

    Preparing modern-day technology leaders for a digitized and remote workplace

As firms transition to remote work and digitize their operations to stay relevant in a fiercely competitive market, the role of technology is more important than ever. Intapp Strategic Consulting partners with technology leaders to future-proof their organizations and add value to their businesses.

Market themes

The acceleration of remote work has forced firms to reimagine the role of technology — specifically how it supports the execution of business strategies and delivers seamless user experiences that help partners and professionals better engage with clients.

Increased pressure to drive greater value across the client matter lifecycle — combined with a wide array of innovative technologies to choose from — makes it increasingly difficult for leaders to know where to focus their efforts.

The road to cloud adoption is complex. Leaders often encounter resistance due to challenges integrating cloud and legacy environments, inertia surrounding the traditional IT framework, and requirements for businesses to adapt their ways of working.

New technologies and rapid shifts in business operating models can challenge the ability of IT teams to effectively support the evolving needs of the firm. This requires improvements across processes, organizational structures, service delivery, and governance to deliver the requisite change.

Professional services firms must deploy every available means to differentiate themselves from the competition in today’s market. Understanding how to best leverage their most ubiquitous asset — data — is critical to gaining a competitive edge.

How Intapp Strategic Consulting can help you

Digital and technology strategy

Build a digital and technology strategy designed for evolving business models — so you can differentiate your firm’s capabilities and drive improved performance.

Technology gives firms new ways to enhance the provision of services, and furthers opportunities for IT functions to develop greater business acumen. We help formulate the right digital and technology strategy for you to facilitate positive change across client experiences, operational processes, and underlying business models — all while enabling your broader strategic operating plan.

Innovative technologies optimization

Determine the effectiveness of your innovation strategy — across the entire client matter lifecycle — to help meet the evolving needs of both clients and partners.

By aligning innovation with your firm’s broader business and technology strategy, you can better leverage your tools to enhance the legal services you offer to internal and external clients — while future-proofing your foundations to keep pace with rapid technological advancements. We help senior leaders assess the effectiveness of their innovation strategy to determine which investments should be prioritized.

Cloud adoption roadmap design

Map a clear pathway to cloud adoption to help you stay at the forefront of the industry.

Cloud computing services are revolutionizing the IT landscape, and will grow exponentially in the years to come. Firms focused on navigating the complexities of transitioning to the cloud will be most likely to prosper in an increasingly technology-driven business environment. We collaboratively design a roadmap to outline the key steps you need to execute your cloud strategy and manage the process of business change.

IT function operating model improvement

Empower your IT function to help co-facilitate strategic discussions.

As technology has become increasingly essential, a firm’s ability to execute its business strategy now depends on whether its IT function can grow from a cost center — keeping the lights on — to a strategic business partner. To evolve into digitally enabled, data-driven models, IT teams at leading firms need robust leadership, a new mix of skills and responsibilities, a different team structure, and enhanced business processes. We help review your core capabilities to design new ways of working to help you build the IT function of the future.

Data quality assessment

Uncover the actionable steps you can take to get clean, complete, compliant data for everyone in your firm.

In today’s legal landscape, firms are overwhelmed by data, which is increasingly leveraged to drive critical business decisions. However, if data quality is poor, the resulting decisions will be, too. We assess the hygiene of your firm data to inform and design a tailored data-cleansing strategy that maps clear steps to achieving a level of integrity upon which sound business decisions can made.

Data management and governance framework

Properly manage and govern your data — the lifeblood of your organization — to instill trust, integrity, and reliability.

Effective data management and governance are critical to improving the accuracy and reliability of your information — and they require a multi-tiered framework predicated on the correct mix of processes, policies, and people. We enhance and design data governance structures by developing control mechanisms that maintain data quality throughout the firm and across the client matter lifecycle.

Common data model creation

Develop a clear view of the data architecture required to support your business operations and drive successful outcomes.

To stay competitive and achieve the level of agility needed in today’s digital marketplace, it’s essential to build consistent business taxonomies that support digital transformation. We help you overcome inefficiencies by driving greater alignment with data taxonomies, providing consistent information around clients, matters, sectors, practice groups, and much more.