• Operations and finance leaders

    Pathways to profitability: Strategy and execution for CFOs, COOs, and practice managers

Now more than ever, margin protection and efficiency have become urgent priorities for CFOs, COOs, and practice leaders. With a deep understanding of your business issues — and your industry — we help you discover the right strategies to plan and execute for enhanced profitability.

Addressing your challenges

Economic uncertainty is shifting the demand for legal services, but the resulting changes may not always reflect profitable work. Increased competition, more demanding general counsels, and lower legal budgets all require innovative ways to discover and convert higher-margin opportunities.

Legacy technologies and outdated processes inflict significant manual effort and starve your firm of the information it needs to more effectively achieve your business goals and strategic plans, and act as advisors to the partnership.

Heightened operational and financial risk — due to increasing client demands and market uncertainty — require better coordination across your firm’s teams and functions.

How Intapp Strategic Consulting can help you

Profitable delivery diagnostic

Identify new strategic insights and prioritize opportunities to improve margins

Greater visibility into data-driven insights across processes —including pricing, time recording, matter execution, and invoicing — lets your partners target the right areas to drive both top-line (revenue) and bottom-line (profit) growth. We analyze your financial data and use market intelligence to share recommendations that will drive profitability and support your growth plan.

Client matter lifecycle review

Streamline your client experience and address inefficiencies across internal functions

The client matter lifecycle model helps you optimize execution and enhance profitable delivery of the work you’ve won. We conduct cross-team assessments of your processes, policies, technology, and data to identify gaps and challenges relative to best practices, unlocking hidden value and driving enhanced effectiveness. We also design a plan for future ways of working to help address these gaps and challenges for your firm.

Financial management system (FMS) selection and program governance

De-risk your FMS selection and use it as an opportunity to drive greater value for the firm

Your firm’s financial management system (FMS) is the engine driving compliance, scale, and financial operations. It can be a challenging journey to select and implement a new, cost-effective, fit-for-purpose FMS that enables interoperability with your other systems. Our team has years of experience in helping firms conduct market reviews and RFPs to select appropriate technology in a programmatic way that will set up your firm for success.

Finance function operating model improvement

Review your processes and policies, and address the role of technology and data to drive greater value for partners and professionals

As leading firms move toward becoming digitally enabled, finance functions are well placed to drive change. We help review your core capabilities to design new ways of working for the finance function of the future.

Legal project management design

Create multifaceted teams to address client expectations and build confidence in the progression towards outcomes

Legal project management can drive the innovation you need to augment your legal service offerings and surface higher-margin opportunities. We’ll collaboratively design and mobilize your legal project management team to enable best practices throughout matter execution.

Change management consulting

Embed new behaviors and ways of working across your firm

We accelerate adoption of innovative, technology-enabled ways of working by managing the changes and pain points for different personas. We promote buy-in from different stakeholder groups and ensure a return on your investment — whether that includes new processes, technology, data-driven ways of working, or all of the above.

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