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    Drive client success

Playing the game better

Forward-thinking firms are using technology, not just for back-office ERPs that help keep score, but to change the fundamental way they engage with their clients and marketplace. Intapp helps firms shift to a client-centric technology strategy, improving client experience and success, and enabling firms to play the game better.

Meeting client obligations

Ad hoc approaches to meeting client obligations can lead to rejected bills, write-offs, and eroded client trust. Firms need institutionalized processes to ensure that client and engagement terms are upheld. Intapp uses AI to automatically capture client terms, create awareness, and provide real-time validation against all timekeeper work.

Working the way clients want

Clients are sending their work to firms that will engage and bill in ways best suited to the clients’ business. Intapp helps firms adapt their offerings to the unique needs of individual clients, while providing them with a win-win arrangement. As a result, we’re helping firms increase their competitive differentiation as they delight their clients.

Providing transparency

Clients are increasingly demanding greater transparency into their engagements. Now, more than ever, firms must overcome the traditional process and data silos that limit visibility. Only the Intapp Professional Services platform provides a unified client lifecycle that gives firms and clients transparency throughout the entire engagement.

Client success = firm success

Driving success in the client-empowered era means putting clients first. Align your strategy, firm culture, and technology to the way clients want to engage with their firms—automating the clients’ journey and unifying the entire client lifecycle.

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