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    Ensure global independence

Independence for global network accounting firms

Properly managed independence processes are essential to your network-member firms’ ability to retain and attract clients. When strategically coordinated, these processes significantly improve network-wide revenue growth, profitability, and pipeline development. Intapp provides the world’s only dedicated Global Independence solution.

Maximize revenue growth, increase market share

A global firm’s network-wide revenue can be maximized by proactively identifying which clients, subsidiaries, and parent corporations promise the optimal mix of revenue and growth. That’s why many multinational firms rely on Intapp to intelligently determine which clients to approach and what services to offer in order to increase market share.

Provide insight into pipeline and potential revenue trade-offs

A successfully implemented network-wide independence checking system provides deeper insight into deal and project pipelines so that revenue-maximizing choices can be made in a deliberate and coordinated manner. Intapp gives you the type of insight and automated workflows to help your firm make more informed decisions.

Ensure uniform compliance and avoid fines

Every accounting network must comply with well-established regulatory policies and procedures to assure their auditors’ independence. Intapp’s Business Acceptance offering helps your firm avoid the high cost, and continued risk, of a compliance failure.

Enhance global and national independence procedures

Regulatory and ethical requirements command a substantial level of financial and operational resources from all affiliated member firms. Intapp’s national independence procedures make each professional and front-line team efficient and well-informed.

Explore our solution: Intapp Global Independence

Intapp Global Independence with built-in AI and automation helps global accounting networks and their member firms ensure independence and compliance, navigate increasingly complex regulations, and protect against fines and reputational risk. Discover the complete solution to help your firm improve compliance, increase business efficiency, and grow profitably.

Declare your independence

Independence is a reality for global firms. That’s why Intapp helps multinationals establish and maintain independence with total efficiency. Our business acceptance solutions help the world’s most demanding firms clear and manage conflicts, maintain compliance, and enhance global workflows simply and securely.

Explore how automation and digital transformation can turn compliance from a cost to a revenue generator.

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