• Intapp for corporate legal departments

    Transform in-house legal corporate operations using our Microsoft 365 integration.

Most in-house legal teams are overstretched. Business needs are diverse, growing, and increasingly complex. The demands of routine matters add up, competing for lawyers’ time.

Corporate legal departments face an increasing need to deliver efficiency, productivity, and value to their business. This drives a need for tighter control of corporate matter management — matter instruction, intuitive collaboration, matter-centric document management, matter lifecycle management, resource use and more. In-house lawyers need a solution to help take control over spiraling workloads.

We build Intapp software for corporate legal departments in collaboration with in-house legal teams. Intapp corporate legal software helps transform legal operations and deliver efficiency, scalability, and productivity for your legal professionals using the Microsoft 365 platform.

Driving value for corporate legal departments

Deep domain expertise and experience

Our work with corporate legal teams of all sizes gives us an insider’s understanding of the needs of your team of professionals. We speak the same language as our corporate legal clients and, as a result, understand your organization’s short- and long-term goals.

Operational excellence as a core competency

Our entire organization — from Customer Success to Product Engineering — focuses on driving operational efficiencies for corporate legal teams through our technology solutions. We care deeply about the ever-changing trends that affect in-house lawyers, and as a result, we’re quick to help corporate legal departments navigate turbulent times, strategy shifts, and growth opportunities.

Dedication to implementation and adoption

Technology is only as good as how it’s used. Intapp and our partners design our solutions with the needs of in-house lawyers in mind, and configure them for each corporate legal department’s unique needs to boost user adoption. Intapp has a demonstrated, history of helping legal teams build the right components and capabilities into their technology solutions.

We deliver key outcomes for corporate legal departments

  • Improved matter instruction, triage, and allocation processes
  • Matter-centric document management
  • Matter lifecycle management
  • Integrations with core systems
  • Rich collaboration both internally and with external counsel
  • Advanced search on-demand reporting, plus advanced insights and analytics

Solutions for corporate legal departments

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