Client Lifecycle Management for Investment Banks and Managed Funds

Taking on business relationships efficiently and compliantly is critical for the success of financial services firms. Today, increasing regulations, threats of personal liability, fines and sanctions, and escalating client demands are putting pressure on firms to transform the way they evaluate and onboard new clients and relationships, and how they manage those relationships throughout the engagement lifecycle.

Compliance professionals worldwide rely on Intapp to address these challenges. Over 650 firms with the most demanding, complex and thorough compliance needs use Intapp, including 91 of the top 100 global law firms. Intapp software is designed to manage today's intricate compliance challenges while maintaining the flexibility and agility to easily encompass tomorrow's regulatory changes. By partnering with Intapp, firms can demonstrate that they are taking the most aggressive steps possible to meet professional and regulatory obligations.


Intapp Solutions



Integrate management of AML/KYC, professional standards and regulatory rules with operational tasks such as NDA generation


Conflicts of Interest Management
Identify, surface and manage conflicts of interest across product lines, divisions and portfolio companies

Information Security

Information and Confidentiality Governance
Centrally control, monitor, audit and report on the entire confidentiality lifecycle for better information security

Data Management

Data Management
Create policy-specific workflows and integrations to streamline firm business processes and maintain consistent data firmwide


Key Benefits

  • Significantly Reduces Compliance Costs  Whether it is reducing the need for full time or outsourced compliance staff, or reducing the time needed to conduct compliance audits, Intapp helps firms leverage technology to drive down the ever increasing costs of staying compliant.

  • Increase Revenue by Reducing Time to Bill  Compliance processes that are manual, complex and labor-intensive can delay productive work by weeks and sometimes even months, and increase the likelihood of lost deals. Intapp streamlines compliance processes, allowing firms to begin work sooner.

  • Increase Compliance Effectiveness  Compliance professionals and Chief Compliance Officers from some of the most demanding firms trust Intapp to keep their firms compliant and knowledgeable about conflicts of interest. Intapp gives compliance staff greater control over internal processes, helping to identify and manage firmwide risks and reduce personal liability.

  • Increase Visibility and Control  Intapp leverages its best-in-class application and data integration technology to maintain clean, synchronized data across the organization. Firms can automate specific policy decisions into actionable, auditable and repeatable workflows, knowing that information will be kept up-to-date and accurate throughout firm systems.