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Investment banking professionals are tasked with identifying and winning new mandates, elevating coverage of key relationships, and ensuring the best possible outcomes for their clients in an increasingly complex environment. Traditional software can be overwhelmed by those demands. Intapp offers a purpose-built, data-powered platform to meet your firm’s unique needs.

Enhance Client Outcomes

An investment banking firm’s reputation hinges on its ability to deliver meaningful outcomes for clients. But many firms use generic CRM software that fails to support the intricacies of dealmaking and relationship-building tasks — and complicates their ability to act quickly and confidently.

Because we understand the complexities of the industry from the inside out, Intapp can be tailored to meet both your clients’ needs and your firm’s dealmaking processes. Our capabilities help you execute your mandate seamlessly, from industry research and analysis through buyer search, pitch delivery, and deal closing.

Outcomes: Win More Business, Drive Client Success

Products: DealCloud

Gain Valuable Business Intelligence

With increased competition among investment banking firms, industry trends can have serious impacts on your firm’s ability to gain new business and effectively manage deals. It’s more critical than ever for firm leaders to grasp the nuances of a shifting marketplace.

With Intapp, you’re better able to use real-time data to support your firm’s long-term strategies. By accessing a single repository for all of your firm’s communications, due-diligence processes, and business development activities, your firm will gain a dramatic advantage against your competitors.

Outcomes: Maximize Realization

Products: DealCloud

Build Transparency and Visibility

As the investment banking realm becomes increasingly complex, it’s imperative for firms to closely manage every phase of the dealmaking process in order to ensure success. Outdated deal-tracking methods — such as retrofitting generic software or relying on spreadsheets — can lead to human error and stale information.

Intapp is tailored to the unique needs of investment bankers, so managers and dealmakers get real-time updates for each contact and company, and can easily understand the deal’s next milestone. Intapp zero-entry technology automatically captures essential information, reducing manual tasks and decreasing overhead by gathering emails, events, and attachments into a unified resource.

Outcomes: Deliver Services Efficiently

Products: DealCloud

Manage Risk and Compliance

Using generic software to pursue new business or manage sensitive information can result in data breaches, compliance failures, and reputational damage. To mitigate risk, you need highly secure software designed from the ground up by a company that understands the sensitive nature of both the public and private markets.

By choosing Intapp, you help your team secure critical data while also enhancing your competitive capabilities. You can configure the industry-specific Intapp Secure Cloud to restrict or permit access to information for various team members, granting firm leaders the flexibility they need to maintain compliance.

Outcomes: Manage Risk and Compliance

Products: DealCloud, Intapp Conflicts, Intapp Intake

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