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Intapp Compliant Time revolutionizes law firm timekeeping. Today’s lawyers need a better way to enter time accurately and also comply with client billing terms in outside counsel guidelines (OCGs). This helps firms ensure that all billable time results in revenue. Our solution captures lawyers’ time as they work and prevents non-compliant entries—so firms can increase realization from reduced bill rejections and write-offs.

Capture time anytime, anywhere

Record lawyer work effort automatically to reduce forgotten time and avoid underbilling.

Ensure painless compliance

Rely on AI to capture and auto-categorize OCGs, then automatically distribute terms to stakeholders.

Reduce write-offs

Catch noncompliant time entries upfront to reduce bill rejections and write-offs that decrease realization.

Curtail correction cycles

Reduce staff and lawyer time spent communicating on and correcting timekeeping errors.

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