• Burr & Forman

    "Having seen what other law firms have achieved with Intapp Integrate, we were eager to bring the technology in house to address vital business processes including client matter intake, workspace and folder creation in SharePoint and user provisioning. It has definitely lived up to the hype – we’ve found that with Intapp Integrate, projects that otherwise would have required months of custom software development can now be accomplished in a matter of days."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Manatt

    "We first looked at Intapp Integrate primarily for data propagation because at the time we were using scheduled SQL DTS jobs to distribute out data. All the jobs were running different times at night, early hours of the morning and managing all the DTS jobs was becoming a headache. And every time the sequel server agents stopped a lot of these jobs stopped working. So it was difficult to maintain and manage. And we needed our data, in some cases, in real time… As for the Intapp people themselves and their partners well they’ve just been perfect every step of the way. I’ve nothing but praise for them, and they didn’t tell me to tell you this, but they’ve been just great."
    – Manager of IT, Architecture and Development

  • Alston & Bird

    "We were asked to take a look at the product and as soon as we saw it, we saw an immediate potential of a time saver that would allow us to more easily set up rules and set up conditions whereby data is moving from one system to another. Instead of spending the time on code for that, we could develop a quick Intapp rule and then move onto something that was more client facing or more user facing – those other tasks that we wanted to be doing."
    – Assistant Director of Practice Innovation

  • Cummings & Lockwood

    "One of the main things… is the intuitive interface and it really does let us develop and deploy rules quickly. The hardest part of getting a rule put together is getting the workflow down in your head and once you understand what's supposed to done, it's pretty simple to write the rule…It's also very friendly as far as letting you have an audit trail and let you know what's going on when you first push a rule out, you can see what's going on and make sure you are not accidentally over-writing some of the important data or anything like that. It has got great logging capability."
    – Applications Development Manager

  • Davis & Gilbert

    "Intapp Integrate allows us to do a number of things that would either require us to hire outside expertise to handle, invest in a third party product, or just hard code and spend way more time than we really have available…While new matter intake was the end goal, and the reason that we justified purchasing Intapp Integrate, we ended up using it for a lot of other things."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Baker Donelson

    "The technical folks out there, if you’ve ever walked into a new job where they used DTS religiously, you’ll find that it is difficult to tell where data is coming from or going to. It is a spaghetti bowl of data… With Intapp, we were able to translate everything one time instead of translating it individually on each one of the systems… It really facilitates development. Something we might have had to do in .NET and build a project and solutions over days, we can do very quickly and rapidly in Intapp Integrate."
    – Developer

  • Sunstein

    "Our firm follows complex workflows to collect a variety of information about new clients and matters during the new business intake process and communicates this data to different business applications. Intapp Integrate has significantly improved our data integrity and process efficiency. It enables us to seamlessly transfer information gathered during new business intake to our Master Data Directory – a central repository of information about clients, matters and people – and to downstream applications."
    Chief Technology Officer

  • Stikeman Elliott

    "We looked at the various functionalities and my two DBAs, their eyes lit up when they saw the functionality that Intapp had. They said 'we want this right away' … I would put Intapp right at the top when it comes to customer service."
    – Chief Technology Officer

  • Faegre Baker Daniels

    "We think it's just a wonderful tool for getting done what we need to get done in data integration area… particularly client matter data, provisioning user accounts, provisioning document workspaces in our iManage document management system and integrating InterAction… We've got 90 data sources that Intapp Integrate is currently touching or orchestrating – 241 rules which are part of 25 different projects."
    – Director of Applications Development

  • Hogan Lovells

    "We decided to partner with Intapp to address the data integration needs facing our growing business after evaluating several technology platforms, including software from vendors targeting corporate enterprise markets. Intapp Intapp Integrate distinguished itself from general purpose tools that require significant custom development because it's designed specifically for law firms, with data architecture and application integration templates for standard legal applications and use cases."
    – Director of Information Technology

  • Cooley

    "We have continued to do more and more with Intapp Integrate and expand its use in part because we found it easy to work with… The wider group of Intapp users is very active. User post questions [on the customer community forum] and frequently the answers come from somebody at Intapp but also from other users who have had similar experiences."
    – Financial Systems and Applications/Development Manager

  • Poyner Spruill

    "As soon as we saw a demo of Intapp Integrate, we knew it was exactly the product we needed to successfully execute a strategic NBI initiative linking data flows between Microsoft InfoPath, Microsoft SharePoint, Nintex workflow and Aderant Expert. Intapp Integrate enabled us to dramatically reduce our development efforts by providing the tools we needed to seamlessly integrate with Aderant's web services API, facilitating intake workflows and delivering the business value firm management seeks to stay competitive in today's marketplace. In short, Intapp Integrate is now our tool of choice for all our business process projects."
    – SharePoint Engineer/Developer

  • White & Case

    "Why Intapp Integrate? One of the really big things to us was just valuing the experience of somebody experienced in legal vertical. We just had a big comfort level with the fact that Intapp really did understand the space… I think we had a lot of benefits working with the thought leader here. People who understood law and who understood integration. The technical support has been aces. They’ve just really been fantastic in helping us. Intapp really is a key partner for us and we look forward to working with them."
    – Information Architecture Manager

  • Loeb & Loeb

    "I was a traditional scriptive automation type before I discovered Intapp Integrate. But now, I have become one of the Intapp family. I can’t imagine how I’d do it any other way. The sheer amount of time expended creating user accounts, trouble shooting buggy scripts and modifying those scripts when something in the environment changed, yet adding one more float from the script to the next every time I had a new product, are gone. I saw a demo, talked it out with them, and had bells going off in my head at the potential. New ideas come every day."
    – Senior Database Engineer

  • Ballard Spahr

    "Our experience so far has shown Intapp Integrate to truly be our fastest path for integration. Prior to purchasing, we had a developer working on building a .NET data broker solution which would then pass data to a Microsoft BizTalk server for integration with Elite 3E. This solution would have taken many resource hours to complete. With Intapp, with minimal effort and less than one days' work, we had what we needed regarding our timekeeper loads."
    – Financial Systems Administrator

  • Davis Wright Tremaine

    "What has our experience been like working with Intapp? I love Intapp Integrate product so that’s probably why they have me talking here today… One of the surprises to me of the system is how much we use the event driven notifications. And after we got the system we just found over and over that we’d be saying 'Oh Intapp can do that, Oh Intapp can do that.'"
    – Applications Manager

  • Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn

    "We knew that Intapp Integrate would be a good investment for our firm in theory, but we never anticipated the scope or degree of positive impact it would have in practice."
    Director of Technology

  • DWF

    "We chose to partner with Intapp because they offer powerful technology that has been adopted and proven by a number of peer firms and because of their reputation for providing outstanding client support. By using Intapp Intapp Integrate, we will be able to achieve a faster return on our investment in Elite 3E, improve organisational efficiency and deliver new value to our lawyers and business stakeholders."
    – Head of Programme Management

  • Ogier

    "In 2010, we completed a strategic review of our IT application portfolio and identified a critical need to introduce a standardised infrastructure for applications integration. We assessed two candidates, Intapp Intapp Integrate and Microsoft BizTalk, comparing the two products on several criteria. Intapp's wide adoption by peer law firms, lower cost of ownership and significant ease-of-use advantages made it the clear winner."
    – Group IT Director

  • Fenwick & West

    "Even though these [Microsoft] products come from a single company, they aren't necessarily crafted so they work as well together or share data together as you'd like... The challenge has been getting the data, even though there are great tools out there like SharePoint, the challenge is still getting the data even from a lot of Microsoft's own systems to place nice with other systems. And that's where [Intapp] has really delivered for us."
    – Chief Technology Officer

  • Reed Smith

    "Working with Intapp has been fantastic. We’ve received great support both from a sales side and the technical side it’s been a pleasure to work with the folks from Intapp. The customer community is fantastic. There are a lot of people out there sharing ideas and solutions. And they’ve certainly given us a number of ideas in terms of things that we can do that we wouldn’t have thought of. So that’s really been very helpful. For us at Reed Smith obviously the investment has been very worthwhile. The number of things that we can do with Intapp Integrate seems to continually grow."
    – Applications Development Manager

  • Cozen O’Connor

    "The support we get from Intapp is amazing. If I have a question on how to do something, the turnaround is almost immediate. The people I've worked with are exceedingly knowledgeable and very helpful. And it's just made my job a lot easier to do all the data integration."
    – Solutions Development Manager

  • Stites & Harbison PLLC

    "We’ve had great success using Intapp Integrate to automate the movement of information critical to firm business process including user provisioning and data quality management. We’re particularly pleased with the extensive support and service we receive from Intapp, a vendor that has consistently gone the extra mile to make sure we see a continuing return on our investment."
    – IT Director

  • Sedgwick

    "I’d recommend Intapp Integrate to any organization looking to automate workflows where tasks are predictable, repeatable and consistent. It’s an investment that really pays off by increasing efficiency, reducing opportunities for delay and error, and allowing IT to better allocate staff resources."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • K&L Gates

    "I would also sing the praises of Intapp from the support and training perspective. One of the services that they offer is an integration boot camp which was a weeklong onsite training where they really allowed us to customize our training class, and through that class we were able to train our employees specifically on the kinds of integrations and kinds of things that they would need to build for this particular project. And it really gave us a leg up in terms of moving forward."
    – Applications Development Manager

  • Kegler Brown

    "If you’re moving to the Cloud, the integration is just extremely important… You’ll want to consider what skills are required. Is it SOAP? Do you know SOAP? How much do you need to know about SOAP? Do you need to know C#? If you don’t have something like Intapp Integrate, then C# may be a lot more important than if you do have Intapp Integrate. Data can be shared through XML instead of SQL. What do you need to know about XML? The big picture here is that Intapp Integrate can really fill that void. And, again, it’s been just incredibly helpful to us."
    – IT Director

  • Bell Gully

    "We are currently implementing Elite 3E. Intapp Integrate is facilitating this by providing a standard platform for the integrations between 3E and our other systems, thereby reducing complexity and enabling us to minimize duplication and improve the accuracy of our information by ensuring we have one version of the truth."
    – Chief Financial Officer

  • Morrison Foerster

    "I would absolutely recommend Intapp Integrate to other firms. It automates processes, visibility and reporting, it’s very fast and easy to implement, easy to use and update as it needs changes. It integrates with existing applications very easily. Intapp has worked with many law firms so we can trust in their experience."
    – Application Systems Analyst

  • Minter Ellison

    "Our Elite 3E initiative is just the first of many projects we have in mind for Intapp Integrate. Because it frees us from costly and time-consuming custom software development, we'll also be using it to automate a number of business processes across the firm, improving the scope of service and quality of data provided to our lawyers and business stakeholders."
    – Director of Technology Services

  • Bryan Cave

    "We were initially interested in Intapp Integrate because of its pre-built integration templates for Recommind Decisiv. Once we learned about Intapp Integrate's capabilities to create a firm Master Data Directory, we were sold. Now we're using the product to enable efficient synchronization of client, matter and user data across the firm and greatly streamline internal business processes to achieve higher firm productivity."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Norton Rose Group

    "During our testing Intapp was there to help us bring a solution within two weeks. It was very, very fast… There’s no way we are going to go back to a VB script or a scheduled task on the server because what you have is a platform that’s easy to develop an integration between systems. When you go to Intapp, they have knowledge over there. If you are facing a challenge, they’ve been around. They’ve done multiple integrations and they’re very resourceful."
    – Director Systems Integration and Development

  • Russell Kennedy Pty Ltd

    "We considered another software option for business intake from a vendor claiming to provide seamless, native integration with our firm's systems. But on closer examination, we discovered that significant custom integrations would still need to be built during project implementation. Rather than go down a path that would have added significant complexity, time and risk to our project, we opted for the architecturally cleaner, quicker and more cost-effective approach provided by Intapp Integrate."
    – IT Manager

  • Kilpatrick Townsend

    "When we first looked at Intapp, our technical staff could immediately see the value… Another thing that we are extremely impressed with having attended previous webinars with the user group was first of all, the user community that was obviously mutually zealous about their implementation, but at the same time willing to share and make available various rule libraries that were out there. And, the fact that most of the systems we depend on most had rules developed was very attractive to us."
    – Director of Technology