Technology FAQ


How is Intapp Integrate delivered?

Intapp Integrate is available as a virtualized software image for use within a VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V environment. The software is paired with training and/or implementation services.


How does the management client work?

A graphical software application runs locally on an administrator's workstation. It provides an intuitive, accessible interface to define and manage data communication and process automation rules.


What kind of product support do you offer?

Intapp offers a variety of support including an extensive resource center and knowledge base, a collaborative community of IT professionals, and direct technical support through phone and email. Technical support is available for all customers during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, and firms may purchase expanded support packages that extend coverage to evening or weekend hours. Training and installation support is also available.


Do you provide services like custom solution development?

Intapp Integrate is designed to be straightforward enough for an IT organization to understand and implement its own solutions. However, Intapp will work with clients with specific implementation requirements. Additionally, organizations may also call upon an extensive network of service partners who have been trained and certified on the technology.


How does Intapp Integrate interface with third-party systems?

Intapp Integrate can interface with your applications on the data, application or user layer. The mechanism employed in each instance depends on the functionality of the application and administrator preferences.


What apps, data and communication standards are supported?

Intapp Integrate can connect to a broad set of applications and virtually any data source. Supported standards include:

  • Web services
  • Databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix or MySQL
  • Protocols such as LDAP and WebDAV, and applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and PeopleSoft
  • Non-traditional data sources such as text files, Excel files and any data source supporting ODBC 


Does Intapp Integrate require me to modify my applications?

No. Intapp Integrate enables organizations to build sophisticated integration and data-sharing relationships across a broad range of applications and standards without changing existing application code.


Can I track how data is changed and updated?

Yes. Intapp Integrate automatically generates an audit trail which tracks all activity and data communication. This gives administrators the means to drill down and view specific operations performed during each transaction.


Is Intapp Integrate secure?

Extremely. Intapp Integrate provides organizations with the means to centralize and manage access and control over their data sources. Through granular user and group permissions, administrators can limit permissions and access to specific data and systems.