Open Evolution

Today, firms have a number of intake software options. These include business process management platforms built for Fortune 500 companies, which aim to addres process design and form creation.

But traditional software tools bring with them significant limitations, service requirements and costs (both explicit and hidden). And none is designed to address the specific challenges driving the current business intake trend:

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    Paper Based Procedures

    Slow and inefficient, manual approaches cannot deliver the speed, flexibility and agility necessary to survive in today's competitive environment.

    • No automation
    • No intelligence
    • No data integration
    • Speed and scaling challenges
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    BPM / Workflow (Several Generations)

    Delivering improvements in user interface and experience over time, these still provide extremely slow time to value and bring significant service and maintenance costs.

    • Hard and slow to implement
    • Significant IT / skill investment
    • Requires heavy customization
    • Difficult to change & modify
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    Workflow "Re-Invented"

    Acknowledging the need for an "application style" solution, these fall short, remaining rooted in a workflow toolkit + services approach.

    • Doesn't provide a true "application"
    • Retains all "workflow" negatives
    • Still requires IT to build it / customize
    • Services "Trojan Horse"
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Intapp Open — "BPM, But Better"

A blank-slate BPM platform presents a hard and long road to travel for any firm looking to fundamentally improve business acceptance (to say nothing of addressing conflicts management or other more sophisticated inception requirements like matter/engagement analysis)...

Instead of complex forms, outdated interfaces and limited mobile options, users should have a consumer-grade experience that feels more like an application than a form. And IT and other administrators should have straightforward control to create forms, modify business processes, and track execution.


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Intapp Open is designed to deliver this experience – offering integrated intake and conflicts management (either of which can be adopted and used as stand-along applications).

Instead of providing firms with complicated tools that require expensive, time consuming implementation projects (and professional services bills that never seem to end), Intapp offers a better approach.

Intapp Open was designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of firm management, lawyers and professionals, risk staff and IT stakeholders.