Open Features (Conflicts)

Working with customer firms with as few as 40 and as many as 4200 professionals, Intapp analyzed what was wrong with legacy conflicts software, and created  a modern approach. The result — Intapp Open, the new state of the art in conflicts management.

Intapp Open supports conflicts clearance practices that may be centralized, distributed among professionals and practice leaders, or both, depending on firm preferences. And it integrates data that enables broader client evaluation — including information from external providers (Dun & Bradstreet, Accuity, Bureau van Dijk and Audit Analytics), as well critical historical data from firm finance applications — so decision makers have better context to make informed business acceptance decisions. The product offers a broad set of unique features and capabilities:


An Experience that Delights Usersconflicts mobile

With a beautiful interface, short reports and easy access.

Accessible across both desktop and mobile devices, Intapp Open provides role-specific views designed for a variety of audiences. Users require minimal training and see only relevant information — like simplified conflicts reports that reduce clutter by collapsing multiple entries for the same client, a list of questions requiring new information, or assigned follow-up tasks.




conflicts search

It Simplifies Search

Incorporating state-of-the-art, relationship-centric technology

For conflicts analysts, Intapp Open offers advanced search capabilities, leveraging technology specifically designed for relationship-focused data. Support for standard Boolean queries provides a fast and familiar interface. And sophisticated business rules and filtering preferences enable quick creation of reports that flag and rank results based on relevance and risk.




It Speeds Clearancesconflicts clearance

Providing interactive, collaborative clearance

To further accelerate matter opening, Intapp Open provides an integrated clearance workflow which consolidates internal communication, and any additional questions and responses into a single, unified view (with dynamic results and automated audit trails). It also supports “email with PDFs” for users who prefer paper. The net result — faster, frustration-free resolution.




It Automates Data Quality Managementconflicts data

Results actually improve over time

Quick and effective conflicts management requires clean information. But many firms struggle to incorporate and reconcile data from multiple external and internal sources. With a master data approach, Intapp Open integrates and validates data from key business systems, de-duplicating results  and even enabling population of cleansed data back to source systems.




It Delivers Lower TCOconflicts tco

Extensive self service capabilities (No vendor dependency)

Providing firms with significant control, Intapp Open makes it easy for non-technical conflicts staff and administrators to configure business rules, change report formats, data filters, work flows  and more. These changes can be made quickly, without engaging vendor professional services, or impacting upgrades by altering database architecture or other customizations.