Intapp Walls Features

Intapp Walls is a web-based software application that enables organizations to centrally control, monitor and report on the entire confidentiality lifecycle. It provides a modern, automated approach for effectively limiting access to sensitive matters/engagements without impacting user productivity or convenience.

Increasingly imitated but never equaled, Intapp Walls continues to set the standard for information security management at professional services firms, with unmatched capability, market adoption and successful deployment in real-world environments. And the product continues to evolve based on the ongoing work of Intapp’s risk practice team, which continuously reviews industry rules, trends, and client requirements.

Based on this real-world experience, Intapp has developed a variety of optional modules and enhancements that enable firms to extend Intapp Walls to address the specific challenges they face, which may be tied to particular practice group, geographical or other compliance requirements.


The Heart of Intapp Walls – Confidentiality Lifecycle Management

Intapp Walls provides an intuitive interface designed for non-technical risk stakeholders or IT staff to quickly and easily create, control, manage and report on confidentiality rules across the firm:

  • wb manage

    Define policies using an easy-to-use wizard that automatically imports associated client, matter/engagement, and user data from practice management or other systems.

    The software will even populate and format notification memoranda using an integrated document assembly engine and configurable templates.
  • wb notification

    Keep users informed with email notifications that include custom attachments.

    Optional acknowledgment tracking capabilities (including strict “must-acknowledge-to-access” settings) help ensure that recipients read and understand specific rules and expectations.
  • wb enforce
    Instantly and consistently enforce security controls across multiple applications, including document management, accounting, portal, CRM, time entry and records management systems.

    Define and activate multiple, overlapping security policies, including inclusionary, exclusionary, isolation and other restrictions.
  • wb log

    Preserve a detailed audit trail of key history, updates and activity associated with each enforced policy.

    Set self-updating capabilities which modify policies automatically in response to user behavior, such as billing time to affected matters/engagements or accessing documents subject to confidentiality rules.
  • wb report

    Address compliance and management reporting requirements with intuitive dashboards and configurable reports that present a documented record and defensible audit trail suitable for external review by outside parties (e.g. client, court, or insurer).

The Intapp Walls Advantage

Firms that choose Intapp Walls find themselves best positioned to win client business and respond to industry confidentiality drivers compared to their peers. Risk or IT staff that adopt Intapp Walls find that it slashes the overhead and pain associated with managing confidentiality processes. That’s because the product has been refined over many years, leveraging real-world feedback from risk teams serving over 80,000 lawyers and professionals globally – all with the aim of streamlining its user interface, simplifying workflows and shortening the effort and overhead required to manage confidentiality.