Implementation Process

All IT projects carry risk. But deploying a confidentiality management solution brings a special set of risks and challenges. That’s because unlike the installation of a standalone business application, implementing information security software requires integration with a variety of disparate systems already in use by the firm, coupled with careful business process and change management.

There’s no guarantee of speed or success. That is, without expert guidance from a trusted partner.

The Intapp Advantage

Organizations that choose Intapp Walls benefit from the unmatched experience Intapp has built up over many years by deploying this class of specialized software in real-world environments for over customers. That expertise includes a comprehensive understanding of how to address the technical requirements and common challenges encountered during these projects. And domain expertise to address the “people” side of the project including training, best practices and user adoption.

Intapp has a proven track record, an unequaled set of customers and a unique understanding of how to quickly and successfully execute information security projects on time, on budget and without surprises.

The Intapp Methodology – Tested and Proven

Intapp’s services team works with customers to take an extensive, documented project methodology which it customizes to address each organization’s specific needs and target time frame. In practice, Intapp Walls can be deployed in as few as three weeks, or a phased approach can be utilized to roll out functionality over time. And the services team has executed Intapp Walls version upgrades in as few as five minutes.

These achievements are the effect of a mature product and a services team committed to continually improving project planning, deployment and testing methodology based on real-world experience.

Intapp has successfully implemented Intapp Walls across a broad variety of customer environments, including regional firms with as few as 75 professionals and global organizations with as many as 3800.

Contact Intapp to learn more about implementation services and for introductions to peer firms who can share their implementation experiences.