Intapp Walls Modules & Extensions

To enable firms to best address their specific confidentiality, information security and business process objectives, Intapp offers several Intapp Walls configurations and the ability to enhance configurations with a broad range of product enhancements, extensions and modules.

Developed based on real-world experience working with over customers, these enable firms to address a variety of challenges and maximize their return on investment.


Visibility Enhancements

  • wb portalFor firms looking to increase internal visibility of information security rules, Intapp Walls provides direct integration with Microsoft SharePoint to give lawyers and professionals ongoing, on-demand visibility of the policies and restrictions affecting them.

    It also allows users to identify clients, matters/engagements and materials subject to special screening restrictions through a simple search.
  • wb acknowledge
    For firms looking to minimize the risk of inadvertent oversight, the email acknowledgements module enables organizations to ensure that individuals affected by confidentiality policies review and affirmatively recognize the compliance procedures and standards mandated by the firm for designated clients or matters/engagements.
  • wb imanageFor firms using iManage as a document management platform, Intapp offers direct user UI within WorkSite and FileSite, providing lawyers, professionals and staff with increased visibility and control over confidential matters/engagements.

    The module was built in partnership with and certified by iManage.
  • wb api

    For IT teams looking to leverage the centralized record of confidentiality policy information created by Intapp Walls for custom applications or other business processes like new business intake, Intapp provides an open, web services-based interface (API) offering an extensive range of functionality.


Security Extensions

  • wb mtmFor risk teams looking to distribute governance of matter- or engagement-level security controls to responsible lawyers or professionals (or helpdesk personnel) for greater control, responsiveness and flexibility, Intapp Walls provides the ability to selectively assign limited administrative rights on a per-matter/engagment, per-user basis. Designated users are then able to manage team access roles and rights at the local level — all in a controlled, tracked and auditable manner.
  • wb contractorFor firms looking to leverage contract lawyers or other temporary workers while maintaining strict confidentiality controls, Intapp Walls provides sophisticated “isolation barriers” that restrict information access of designated parties to only the matters/engagements they are assigned to. These restrictions are transparent to full-time lawyers, professionals and staff, who retain the ability to view all generally accessible matters/engagements and materials not subject to other restrictions.
  • wb pppFor organizations pursuing heightened confidentiality controls, Intapp Walls offers the ability to restrict secretary access based on their assignments, flag instances where walled individuals may share a printer, and validate all security policies based on the geographic locations of affected parties. This capability integrates and transparently evaluate information from practice management, HR, identity management and other systems.


Compliance Modules

  • wb insidersFor firms with corporate and capital market practices working in highly-regulated jurisdictions, Intapp Walls offers automated insider list creation and reporting in compliance with regulatory rules concerning price sensitive matters/engagements, including the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR).

    It does this by maintaining a historical audit trail of information specifically required for list generation, and providing special, configurable reports that comply with jurisdiction-specific data requirements
  • wb choice
    For firms practicing across jurisdictions, looking to segregate matter/engagement teams in order to take advantage of favorable local professional rules to maximize competitive advantage, Intapp Walls provides team separation based on multiple criteria and dynamic group management.

    These capabilities maintain user access rights based on simple rules defined by business stakeholders that are transparently enforced, updated and logged for compliance reporting purposes.
  • wb at
    For firms seeking to keep close watch over how sensitive client information is treated by lawyers, professionals and staff, Activity Tracker provides automated abnormal document activity monitoring and reporting.

    It provides management with early warning and the opportunity to investigate potential problems before they become crises, including impending lateral departures or other misuse of firm or client information.
  • wb legalholds
    For firms looking to replace manual, “manage by spreadsheet” or other legacy approaches to litigation holds, the Legal Holds module simplifies and automates the complexities of legal hold management.

    It enables risk stakeholders to automate and centralize all legal holds in one place, automating and managing workflows including: user identification, policy creation, notifications, acknowledgment tracking, data preservation and reporting.