Technology FAQ


What systems can Intapp Walls interface with?


  • Document Management: iManage, Open Text, SharePoint DMS, NetDocuments, ProLaw
  • Records Management: Elite Records Manager, iManage RM / IRM, Open Text LegalKEY, FileSurf, Accutrac
  • Financial Applications: Elite 3E, Elite Enterprise, Aderant
  • CRM: Lexis InterAction
  • Time and Billing: Elite WebView, Aderant, Carpe Diem, Intapp Time
  • Enterprise Search: Recommind
  • Portals: Microsoft SharePoint, Handshake, Prosperoware
  • Shared Drives: Windows File Shares
  • New Business Intake: Metastorm, K2, Windows Workflow Foundation, Intapp Open


How does Intapp Walls secure external systems?

To secure firm document management and other applications, and to keep access controls up-to-date in response to lawyer, professional and staff activity, Intapp Walls interfaces via vendor-provided APIs and industry-standard integration technology.

How do you work with other software providers?

Given the unique position of Intapp Walls as a system that touches so many other software systems, Intapp has a well established record of collaborating with peer vendors, who have endorsed Intapp Walls.

Intapp Walls is the only confidentiality lifecycle management product endorsed by all major DMS vendors including: Autonomy, OpenText, NetDocuments and Microsoft.

How does Intapp Walls compare with our existing DM security tool?

DMS security tools are designed for IT use and can only secure document management libraries. They do not extend security to other software applications and are not designed for use by non-technical stakeholders. Furthermore, they do not manage the entire confidentiality lifecycle including notifications, acknowledgment tracking, reporting, etc.

Can you import data from my legacy security application?

Yes, as part of the implementation process, Intapp works with customers to migrate and import existing information barriers and ethical walls. The team has worked with customers to migrate and import walls from a variety of tools and repositories including:

  • LegalKey
  • WincWall
  • Accutrac
  • DM Groups
  • AMH Walls
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • RBRO MasterEthics
  • Compliguard Protect

What does the implementation process look like?

Information security projects can be complex. Intapp simplifies the process for customers with an extensive, documented project methodology that applies unmatched experience implementing Intapp Walls for confidentiality management for over customers.