Key Benefits

Intapp is redefining modern timekeeping, elevating it beyond a billing-centric administrative task to a key business function that can underpin a firm’s transformation.

It’s no longer about billing as many hours as possible by the hour; it’s about seeing and relating to how everyone in the firm is spending their time, and understanding its potential beyond the bill.

It’s what we call Total Time Management, a unified approach geared to:product time benefits

A unified approach needs a unified system and to achieve that alignment we have developed Intapp Time – one seamless solution that allows you to record all your time, anywhere, anyhow, with minimum effort but to maximum effect.


With the Intapp total time management system, you can:

  • Enhance client satisfaction through greater transparency of matter progress against budget and greater visibility of value
  • Reduce the administrative burden associated with time recording
  • Improve the fee earner experience
  • Facilitate the accurate, compliant, timely recording of all time
  • Minimize leakage
  • Accelerate billing and reduce queries
  • Boost collections and realization rates
  • Discourage opaque write-downs and discounting
  • Build defensible time records
  • Monitor time as part of effective project management
  • Use historic time data to inform process improvement
  • Use analytical insights to inform pricing and resourcing, and drive innovation and strategic decision making
  • Build a more rewarding work environment for your fee earners and staff
  • Understand the true costs of service delivery
  • Help drive the transformation from professional practice to progressive business