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Intapp leverages today’s most powerful technology to provide firm leadership with intelligence from activities across the entire client lifecycle, from sourcing through origination and execution. Armed with actionable insights, you’ll be able to build and execute stronger strategic plans, deepen and strengthen key client relationships, and collaborate across the firm to drive growth and win more business.

Insights to empower your strategies

Intapp for Leaders and Partners provides comprehensive intelligence across the client lifecycle to help firms discover more opportunities, build better strategic plans, and drive growth.

Build better strategies

Today’s leaders are charged with creating strategies to guide their firms into new green fields. But it’s difficult to get a full view across practices and sectors to find potential avenues for growth and expansion. Data is siloed, messy, and disorganized, and analysis doesn’t always yield actionable results.

Intapp collects and analyzes information from across the client lifecycle to provide data-driven, proactive intelligence and guidance that drives strategy. It offers the insights you need to improve targeting and help you develop more effective key-client plans. Plus, referral and reciprocity tracking lets you understand exactly where business is coming from and identify new opportunities.

Improve client outcomes

How strong are your client relationships? It’s not always easy to tell. Keeping in touch with clients between engagements can be an ad hoc process, and it’s difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of changing client needs, industries, and opportunities. And that can impact the results you provide.

Intapp offers predictive relationship intelligence to help ensure you keep those connections strong. Plus, accurate and timely information about client and firm relationships helps support your key-client planning and build a deeper understanding of how you can more effectively serve and partner with your clients.

Drive revenue and profitability

Most firms are awash in data — but that data is siloed and disconnected, and can’t yield the analysis you need to determine whether your strategies are working. Worse, your professionals think data entry is a four-letter word; they don’t use your systems, so critical information goes uncaptured and countless hours are wasted scrambling to respond to RFPs, build pitches, or chase down information.

Intapp provides a view into results and outcomes to assess strategic success while leveraging automation and AI, including zero-entry technology, to surface critical data when you need it, streamline business activities, and improve user adoption.

Gain better client insights

Knowing your clients inside and out is what gives you the ability to anticipate their needs, present them with better services, and work in tandem to ensure positive outcomes. But that’s easier said than done, because client meetings, lunches, and intermittent research can only take you so far.

Intapp can help. We combine your firm’s information with D-U-N-S data, third-party content, and news and sector information to provide comprehensive, layered profiles for all your clients, so you’ll be armed with the intel to build better strategies.

Get laterals productive more quickly

Lateral hires are a key component of your growth strategy — but bringing them on board is only half the battle. Integrating their books of business, client relationships, and contacts can be an arduous and manual process, meaning your investment in laterals can take a long time to bear fruit.

Intapp leverages automation and zero-entry capture to help you accelerate onboarding and assimilation, empowering your new hires to become productive and valuable members of your team more quickly. You’ll also have immediate visibility into their expertise and experience, to help support your business development efforts and align the right talent with the right opportunities.

Compete more effectively

Responding to RFPs and crafting knockout pitches is easier said than done. One recurring pain point: the “shouting down the hall” tradition to find the expertise necessary to win new business or seize new opportunities.

Intapp  helps capture and put your firm’s collective experience to work, using an AI-based approach that sources current, comprehensive, and granular data while minimizing manual entry. You’ll bring your firm’s experience to the forefront to help enhance competitive win rates, work allocation, knowledge management, and talent development.

Products and packages

Intapp CRM

Create stronger key-client strategies, win more profitable business, and leverage insights across the client lifecycle with capabilities that go far beyond traditional CRM.

Intapp Experience

Drive growth, expand cross-selling opportunities, and use AI to leverage your detailed and up-to-date experience and expertise.

Intapp Pricing

Scope, price, resource, budget, and monitor your engagements to ensure profitable execution while meeting your clients’ expectations.

Intapp Relationships

Uncover smart and actionable insights about your firm’s key connections using a zero-entry capture approach.

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