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    Manage risk and compliance

Meet exploding risk and compliance demands

Firms must address a host of risk issues—such as client risks, risks from their professionals, and information and cyber risks. These obstacles are made even more complex by a rapidly changing regulatory landscape. From protecting brand reputations to observing regulations, the range of challenges involved demand an innovative approach for firms seeking to better manage risk and ensure compliance.

Manage client risk

Where your firm’s reputation is involved, intake is both deal-desk and checkpoint for evaluating potential client relationships. Vetting new and existing engagements to address regulatory and ethical considerations has never been more essential. Intapp helps protect hard-earned reputations and limit potential losses to brand and business.

Protect strategic opportunities

Firms must evaluate each piece of prospective work not just on its individual merits, but on its potential to prevent the firm from taking on future, high-value work. Intapp not only helps firms protect against ethical and financial risks, but also the strategic opportunity costs of accepting new engagements.

Efficiently comply with regulations

Depending on how your firm is organized and the geographic markets it serves, you may need to implement a wide-ranging regulatory system. Intapp supports an extensive set of rules and requirements—including global and local independence, AML/KYC, HIPAA, ISO27001/27002, and the EU General Data Protection Regulations—to help firms stay compliant.

Ensure information confidentiality

Firms are facing increasing pressure to lock down access to firm information while attempting to preserve cultures of openness and sharing. Intapp helps protect sensitive information uniformly across applications and repositories without impacting productivity, collaboration, and knowledge management.

Comply with confidence

Managing risk is getting harder. That’s why Intapp helps firms meet the challenge of global compliance and risk management head on. Our Business Acceptance solutions help firms safely and confidently manage intake, address conflicts, simplify terms, and erect ethical walls.

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