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Delivering true client success requires understanding each client’s “big picture” objectives, and mobilizing your firm’s unique experience and expertise to provide service and results that meet and exceed them.

Today, any firm looking to deepen client relationships and win new business must be able to demonstrate its unique skill and value proposition quickly.

Intapp can help — on all fronts.

It’s no secret that there are a few legacy “experience management” tools on the market. Your firm may even own one… But is it working?

Legacy tools that rely on manual data entry, collect incomplete, poorly-structured information, and deliver a fire hose of raw search results (Including that one lawyer who billed an hour to a complex matter, who is now an “expert”) aren’t up to the challenge.

What’s needed is a fresh approach: one that’s built specifically to address real-world environments; one that delivers automated, integrated data management, intelligent metrics, filtering and ranking; one that’s from a vendor with an ambitious vision, and proven track record of delivering fresh innovation.

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