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In response to increased competition in the market, financial services firms in Europe are embracing Intapp’s DealCloud solution. By strengthening pipeline management, relationship management, deal sourcing, and more using purpose-built technology, many European financial services firms are harnessing the cumulative intellectual capital of their people and processes more efficiently in order to create a competitive advantage .


Here’s what the DealCloud clients are saying:



“Our partnership with DealCloud will enhance our relationships and interactions with our investors and business partners. DealCloud has an intuitive and insightful platform for relationship management built specifically for our industry. As part of our strategic initiatives to provide the highest quality service to our stakeholders, DealCloud will enable us to streamline our CRM and marketing processes, serve as our central data hub, and allow us to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems.”


Alexis Maskell, Partner and Global Head of Investor Relations at BC Partners

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“We’ve been very impressed by DealCloud’s focus on using software to solve some of the unique problems faced by deal professionals every day. We’re looking forward to partnering with DealCloud to leverage its expertise as we build a set of tools designed to leverage GP Bullhound’s unique data layer and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our dealmakers globally — across both our advisory and investment businesses.”


Malcolm Horner, Chief Operating Officer of Investment Banking at GP Bullhound.

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“SEB is always looking for ways to operate more efficiently and be more data-driven, and we are confident that the DealCloud platform is going to help us do just that. DealCloud has a deep understanding of the investment banking space, and its technology offers capabilities specifically designed for our business.


Simon Taylor, Head of Strategy for SEB Investment Banking

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“We are pleased to launch together with DealCloud, our first CRM solution and a symbol of our growth and integration. The new CRM will bring a 360-degree view of investors and deals. It is the first milestone of a bigger picture: We will integrate incrementally on our new business lines. We are confident that DealCloud will accompany us in our growth and provide a solution that reinforces our productivity.


Floris Van Mannen, Managing Partner at Sienna Real Estate

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