Press Release

Intapp unveils Intapp Pricing

Dickinson Wright PLLC Joins Early Adopter Program

PALO ALTO, California – Intapp today announced Intapp Pricing, a budgeting and planning software solution specifically designed to enable professional services firms to make better informed pricing decisions.

Using Intapp Pricing, firms can scope, price and resource matters when pitching for new business or at any point in the client engagement lifecycle, resulting in more accurate planning, a better client experience, and improved profitability.

“The ability to provide clients with budget estimates quickly – and accurately – can be a significant differentiator for firms today, whether their clients are requiring alternative fee arrangements, or prefer billing by the hour,” said Kushan Patel, Director of Product Management, Intapp. “Many of our customers have been asking us to develop a fresh approach to budgeting and planning for some time, and we’re very pleased to announce that Intapp Pricing will be the next addition to the growing Intapp suite.”

A Fresh Approach to Professional Services Pricing

Intapp Pricing is designed to be accessible to practitioners as well as pricing professionals, with user-friendly wizards that make it straightforward to build budgets. The system includes modelling tools that simplify the development of profitability and service delivery scenarios, as well as budget tracking and monitoring. Like all Intapp products, Intapp Pricing is designed from the ground up to work in real-world environments, offering integration with other business systems typically used within professional services firms.

Early adopters of Intapp Pricing include Dickinson Wright, a law firm headquartered in Detroit, Michigan with a long history of excellence in client service.

“At Dickinson Wright, we take a forward-looking approach to technology, always planning ahead to take advantage of state-of-the-art innovations that will deliver value to our clients. Intapp’s new pricing solution will provide us with visibility into the profitability of our engagements, inform our planning and resourcing decisions, and enable us to offer flexible and alternative pricing models depending on our clients’ specific needs,” said Michael Kolb, Chief Information & Security Officer, Dickinson Wright. “We view Intapp as a trusted partner that delivers innovations that work in real-world environments, and we are pleased to be part of the Early Adopter Program for Intapp Pricing.”

Intapp Pricing will become available in early 2018.

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