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The Modern Chief Marketing Officer Is Also Chief Change Agent

Claire Darling, Intapp Vice President of Growth Marketing, discusses a new trend manifesting across the business world: the “modern” Chief Marketing Officer doubling as Chief Change Agent.

Like many elements of the tech industry, the CMO role is changing rapidly. What I see happening now in the data economy that we all live in is the chief marketing officer is increasingly doubling as the “chief change agent.” Fueling this evolution is the data-driven mindset that is now the norm for many enterprises and forward-thinking organizations worldwide.

At its core, this trend is powered by CMOs who embrace all-things-data and go all-in with transitioning their organizations from reactive to insight-based and predictive. When this initiative is successful, the rewards are substantial. What I refer to as the “modern” CMO is someone who is able to break down internal data silos to unlock the business power of formerly fragmented data. The same goes for breaking down departmental silos with different functional areas to build an effective internal coalition. By doing both, the CMO gains invaluable knowledge across the entire customer lifecycle and is able to use that data and internal expertise to predict customer needs and provide them with more personalized experiences. The end result? Delivering growth and revenue.