picture open pricing
Today, clients are putting increasing pressure on firms to clearly and consistently scope, price and resource matters at the point of new business inception.

In response, as firms invest in new staffing to address these complex problems, they’re also clamoring for fresh innovation to enhance the practice of pricing and give them a powerful competitive edge in the market.

Which is why so many firms have been shouting : “Hey, Intapp! When are you going to do for pricing what you’ve done for so many other industry categories?”

Well, we heard you. And built something special.

(Because existing tools, that don’t work in real-world environments, from small vendors lacking resources to implement and support your success, won’t cut it.)

Whether you’re a pricing manager, financial manager, legal practitioner, business developer, or the IT expert chartered to support all of the above — Intapp Open Pricing brings practical innovation that will make you and your firm shine, including:

  • Budget building wizards, that make the process easy for lawyers and pricing professionals alike
  • Budget modeling tools, that make it easy to build and evaluate different profitability and delivery scenarios
  • Budget tracking and monitoring, via native time entry integration, for real-time critical threshold alerts

Delight clients. Increase profits. Reduce write-downs.

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