• Ashurst

    “From the point of view of the AML / Risk Assessment team at Ashurst, we saw tremendous potential to add value to the firm’s business by being prepared, being ahead of the curve and anticipating the regulatory, statutory and client-driven changes happening in the market. Working together with Intapp, we developed our risk assessment system based on Intapp Open, which leverages the business intelligence we gather for wider business purposes in a very focused and dynamic way. The risk assessment system now provides a real global view of Ashurst’s legal practice, and is helping to support the firm’s business strategy. Our lawyers are also able to take a more integrated approach in advising clients and in managing large, complex multi-jurisdictional transactions, disputes and projects, and our clients benefit tremendously from a high level of consistency and efficiency in client service worldwide.”
    – Head of Risk Assessment

  • Marshall Gertstein

    "As a firm specializing in intellectual property law, we consistently take on a high volume of new matters and wanted to update our internal tools and processes to streamline business inception. We evaluated several software options for enhancing intake and conflicts management and quickly determined that the innovative approach offered by Intapp Open, with its modern architecture, quick configurability and polished user interface, would best position our firm to address our long term objectives."
    – IT Director

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn

    "Given the increased focus on risk and compliance across the legal industry, we wanted a single application that could give us visibility into the entire matter intake process, and standardise how we manage other workflows. Intapp Open and Intapp Flow provide us with a modern, industry-standard approach to monitor, report and analyse business processes throughout the firm. Intapp Open also offers our lawyers better visibility into the status of new matter requests."
    – IT Director

  • Fredrikson & Byron

    "It’s clear that Intapp spent a great deal of time working to understand the frustrations and limitations of legacy approaches, and delivered an application that frees us from those issues.

    It was a significant investment for us to license multiple Intapp products, but one we know will pay even greater dividends for our firm over the long term."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Stoel Rives

    "New matter intake is an essential business process critical to firm performance, lawyer productivity and client service. After reviewing several options, we selected Intapp Open to enhance our intake process because of the product's unique combination of features, including its sleek user interface, simple yet flexible process designer, and extensive data integration and quality management capabilities. We see Intapp as a strategic technology partner, offering innovative software, an ambitious vision, and deep subject matter expertise that will benefit our firm for many years to come."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Kirkland & Ellis

    "We’ve been working closely with Intapp for many years to successfully address a variety of risk management challenges at our firm. We were pleased to expand that partnership and help support the evolution of Intapp Open because new business acceptance continues to top the list of law firm risk management concerns, and Intapp brings the right mix of experience, technology and skill to tackle this important challenge."
    – Senior Director of Loss Prevention

  • Procopio

    "I think a system like Open allows us to improve both financial analysis and risk management. That's why we're pretty excited about what we're doing."
    – Chief Operating Officer


  • Macfarlanes

    "Quality of service is critical for Macfarlanes' clients. Since going live with Intapp Open in May, we've been able to streamline our new business intake and conflicts management processes, capitalising on the synergies generated by the conflicts and CDD teams working from a common platform. Working with Intapp, we've configured Intapp Open to support our bespoke client matter inception processes. The new system has given desktop-based visibility to our internal stakeholders, who can now see where 'their' client/matter opening process has got to, at a glance, and we have a one-stop client/matter inception audit trail for compliance."
    – Head of Risk

  • Best Best & Krieger

    “BB&K’s public agency, business and individual clients rely on us to quickly and efficiently help them solve their legal issues. Intapp Open allows us to identify, manage and clear any conflicts of interest that arise, and also provides our attorneys with a holistic view of the client, enabling us to be more strategic and responsive in our representation.”
    – IT Director

  • Lewis Silkin

    On choosing Intapp Open "We implemented our first Intapp product, Time Builder, two years ago and found Intapp great to work with – they are open, collaborative and highly responsive. Intapp products are first-rate – clever technology, slick user interface and straightforward delivery. Quite simply, Intapp are one of my favourite suppliers."
    – Director of IT and Operations

  • Wiggin

    "Intapp Open has transformed how we evaluate new business and manage potential client conflicts – a sensitive issue in the fast-paced media and technology industries. The product’s integration with Creditsafe has streamlined our process for new business review, and the ability to apply business rules to conflicts reports enables us to quickly identify and prioritise issues that need to be addressed. Migrating our IT infrastructure to a private cloud has been a major priority for our business, and we’re thrilled with the work that Pinnacle did in accelerating the implementation and integration of Intapp Open with our virtual environment."
    – Chief Executive Officer

  • Cooper Grace Ward

    “Delivering outstanding service to our organisation is the mission of our IT team. The Intapp Open foundation services approach allowed our team to quickly learn the intake platform, and then quickly build, modify and update workflows to respond to our changing requirements, without relying on the vendor or expensive consultants. The ‘teach to fish’ services model is a breath of fresh air in the industry.”
    – IT Director

  • Eversheds

    "Once we switched the new system on, the benefits of using Intapp Open were immediately apparent to key stakeholders across the business – saving time and resources, reducing risk for the firm, and ultimately improving our responsiveness to clients. The efficiency gains have allowed the Conflicts team to deliver an enhanced service, enabling lawyers to open matters faster, and enabling the Conflicts team to support the effective execution of the overall business strategy of the firm."
    – Head of Operations

  • King & Wood Mallesons

    "We’ve worked very closely with Intapp through the early adopter programme for this new product initiative. Intapp have worked hard to understand our specific documented requirements and factor these into the design of their new conflicts product. We know we set the bar high in this area – our requirements have been honed through many years of developing and using our own in-house conflicts product. I think it’s fair to say the team are very impressed with the progress Intapp is making."
    –  IT Director

  • Lathrop & Gage

    "Effective business approval is the lifeblood of every law firm. We sought to invest in a product that we could deploy quickly, reconfigure easily as our needs evolve, and maintain ourselves over the long term. We considered many options and settled on Intapp Open for the high-quality user and IT experience it offers. The product aligns precisely with our larger risk management and data governance objectives. Intapp has delivered something really special here, and we're proud to be at the forefront of a better way to manage new business intake."
    – Chief Information Officer

  • Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP

    "As we were evaluating new practice management systems, it became clear that the leading options would not be able to support our existing processes for new business intake. Intapp Open offers the functionality we need to maintain our existing workflow for client evaluation and AML risk assessments, and to add a further level of sophistication into our risk rating methodology. We especially like its ability to manage different workflows depending on the requirements of individual practice areas."
    – Finance Director