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    COVID-19: The business impact on law firms

Addressing the global impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

Multiple industries — transportation, hospitality, consumer goods, and more — are seeing significant financial impacts requiring companies to adapt their businesses. Many law firms are already seeing immediate effects from shifts in client behavior, and now need to plan for and manage the medium- to long-term business implications.

To manage the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, Intapp Strategic Consulting can help law firms assess shifting client demand and revenue risk exposure.

With its sector-focused practice, the team can help law firms prepare their businesses for different economic scenarios in some of the following ways:

Demand impact assessment

Identify exposure of firm revenues to shifts in demand across services and industries, based on the firm’s current client base and the Intapp Demand Impact model. This review sets firms up to reorient practices and resources holistically to drive productivity.

Practice operations review

Assess the firm’s existing operational structure and its capacity to identify business restructuring opportunities, including resource reallocation, low-utilization asset divestment, and a technology review to support new ways of working.

Scenario planning and roadmap

Identify short- and medium-term changes and outline a plan of action for different scenarios: e.g., short term: focus on practice area strengths and redistribute cost base resources to mitigate redundancies; medium term: enhance digital client collaboration and engagement approaches.

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