Sid Roy

Sid Roy

Senior Director of Product Management, AI


Sid Roy is a product leader with track record of taking new services from ideation to reality. He has extensive experience with data, automation, and AI. He previously focused on AI, machine learning, and big data products for different types of customer segments. Roy currently serves as the Senior Director of Product Management for AI at Intapp. Prior to joining Intapp, he worked at Microsoft as the Principal Product Manager for Microsoft 365. Roy has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University and a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University.

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18th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law 2021 - International Workshop on AI for Understanding the Legal Business

Although most AI and machine learning (ML) research in the legal domain focuses on problems related to the practice of law, AILBIZ — the International Workshop on A.I. for Understanding the Legal Business — introduces the research community at International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law to a different aspect of interesting problems, primarily related to the business side of the legal practice. AILBiz intends to open a space for researchers — both experienced and newcomers — to participate in discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate around a specific set of problems in which AI/ML solutions have the potential to drive profound transformation within this global multimillion-dollar industry.