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    Secure your data, processes, and people with our cloud services for professional firms.

Professional and financial services firms are increasingly adopting and implementing cloud-based software to streamline their workflows.

With migration to the cloud, professional and financial services firms gain improved accessibility, reduced operational complexity, predictable monthly expenses, robust security protocols, and best-in-class technology. As a cloud service provider, Intapp not only serves as a trusted business partner but also understands your industry and your firm’s unique security and compliance management requirements.

The Intapp Secure Cloud hosts our entire suite of industry-specific, cloud-based software solutions on a highly scalable and secure platform purpose-built for firms’ needs. Providing all the functional requirements users expect from modern cloud software, the Intapp Secure Cloud features multitenant architecture, enterprise-grade security, robust mobile accessibility, and a full complement of data integrations.

Designed to support success

The Intapp Secure Cloud lets lawyers, dealmakers, and other professional services providers access mission-critical applications and data from anywhere, and on any device. By providing immediate access to the newest features and functionality of Intapp software, the Intapp Secure Cloud empowers firms to swiftly adapt to changing conditions and collaborate in real-time.

Client-lifecycle insights

Leverage Intapp Platform cloud services to capture intelligence across the entire client lifecycle.

Accelerated innovation

Access the latest and greatest cloud-first capture intelligence across the entire client lifecycle and cloud-only functionality within Intapp solutions to help you work smarter and faster.

Real-time connectivity

Connect any application, any data, anywhere across the firm with exceptional speed and ease using the cloud-native Intapp Integration Service.

Effective change management

Deliver continuous innovation to your team while maintaining control through safe sandbox environments to test, flag, and delay changes as necessary.

Enterprise-grade security

Exceed common regulatory requirements and maintain compliance with a wide range of industry standards while preserving control over your data.

Performance for your firm’s high standards

Never compromise on accessibility, reliability, and performance. Firms leveraging Intapp Secure Cloud capabilities improve outcomes and reduce turnaround times, attracting more clients with increasingly modern, secure, differentiated, and cost-effective services.

Elastic scalability

Gain elastic scalability and load balancing capabilities via a modern cloud architecture that supports changes in usage patterns, data volume, traffic, and complexity.

Mobile capabilities

Let professionals securely access their data and work from anywhere using elegantly designed cloud-based mobile apps.

Reduced costs

Redirect scarce IT resources from data centers and server maintenance to strategic and innovative initiatives that support your firm’s business strategy.

Reliable performance

Bolster productivity with an average 99.95% uptime, and access information on uptime, performance, compliance, and other information via a dedicated portal.

Partner with Intapp on your cloud journey

With many client migrations from on-premises deployment to the cloud under our belt, we understand the needs of professional and financial services firms; this industry-specific expertise powers our best-in-class service. Our teams have deep experience collecting and understanding technical requirements, managing dependencies with other IT projects, and quickly demonstrating return on investment. Our robust cloud migration strategy helps our clients quickly and confidently overcome common roadblocks and paves the way for meaningful organizational change.

Plan your cloud migration

We understand the unique nature of each firm’s journey and timeline for cloud migration. The Intapp Secure Cloud migration team provides both immediate and long-term guidance based on tried-and-true best practices, while catering to your team’s complexities. Whether you’re pursuing a cloud-first strategy, an application-by-application cloud transition, or simply planning for the future, we can help you create a cloud roadmap that makes the most sense for your firm. Meanwhile, you can continue to get value from your on-premises Intapp solutions.

Deliver on value expectations

Once we’ve helped define your firm’s cloud roadmap, we ensure that your organization realizes the expected benefits of cloud migration. By maintaining firmwide transparency on systems and process improvements, the overarching roadmap, and project alignment with corporate goals, we help your firm’s professionals quickly experience increased agility and streamlined operations.

Leverage our expertise every step of the way

Ready to start your cloud migration? Don’t go it alone. Intapp offers a comprehensive set of cloud migration services from our client success, consulting, and partner ecosystem teams.

Intapp Migration Services

Partner with our cloud migration engineers at every phase of your migration for a seamless transition to the cloud.

Certified Migration Partners

Engage with our network of certified partners for hands-on support throughout your migration and beyond.

Intapp Strategic Consulting

Work with our industry and technology experts to put together a seamless, secure, and cost-effective cloud strategy for your entire technology ecosystem.

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Leading firms rely on the Intapp Secure Cloud

Intapp cloud offerings have been vetted and selected by some of world’s premier professional services firms, including those with large, complex, and highly scrutinized security infrastructures.